Why am I not surprised?

There’s too much negative vibe in the blogosphere today. Even in the YM, people keep chatting and group messaging about stuff so ill. C’mon guys! It’s not like the net is your life!

You guys need to learn a thing or two from the ChickenMafia. All seven of their readers represent one of the following in society – atheist, christian, vegetarian, poop-lover, hello kitty enthusiast, a cat, someone they called carney, philosophical bastard, a fire eye’d boy – and yet they get along just fine.


  1. Huh? Which one of my readers is a vegetarian? I’m quite open-minded, but vegetarianism? Unacceptable! I need to start a witch hunt.

    Good catch on the “best enjoyed in air-conditioned places.” I guess KitKat melts both in your mouth and in your hand. And when it melts, it looks like poop. Yay!

  2. @joyfulchicken
    i thought Tofu was a vegetarian? maybe he just likes Asian food then…

    oooh.. you mean like it just got there? yikes! 😛

  3. Haha! Those are Greek from the Greek alphabet meaning City of the Gagonauts! Nyahaha!

    Wala akong magawa dati kaya nilagyan ko niyan! Hehe!

  4. @poli
    ahh.. pinagusapan lang yung mga kasama sa top 10 influential blogs. yung iba hindi maganda yung mga comment kaya siguro may mga nagalit 😛

  5. ha ha … nice secret codes! i love putting some once in a while. i’ve been able to translate gagopolis’s code using babel fish 😉

  6. Wait…If You thought Tofu is a vegetarian and not a Hello Kitty enthusiast…then…are you saying I’m a Hello Kitty enthusiast!?!? Noooo!!!! Or did you miss me out! 🙁

    And who’s the atheist?

  7. @runawaycat
    for sake of reason i am everything in that list. that means i’m also the atheist..

    i am a non practicing atheist. 😛

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