As of this day I am already withdrawing any connection to the mainstream blogosphere (at least for the moment), heading back to my cave and writing those weird epistomologicational posts I’ve always made. That starts now! I am also calling on everyone to drop those issues and set your mind on something else.

The end times are near, you need to watch Kathy Griffin. She is partly one reason why I became like this (including Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien) Let’s lighten up a bit, shall we?!

Here’s her take on Ryan Seacrest


Now that you’ve got that smile on your face, can anybody tell me if this guy is famous yet?

and to whoever took that 17 second video… howcome?

8 thoughts on “CHILL

  1. @gibbs
    i was asking the same thing… there are not many people who could sing that song (especially that part). I even felt bad that i could only enjoy seconds of it. paki hanap gibbs, tapos paki manage na rin! 😛

  2. @cars
    totally! badtrip! 17 seconds lang.

    yunayun! =)

    i like the fact that she talks about A-listers, and talks about the truth behind their personalities. If i were given the chance to work with celebrities, i’d be just like her.

  3. i like kathy griffin.

    i saw her 2 comedy specials (“d-list” and “kathy griffin is not nicole kidman”) on cable and it was funny.

    i like her style. it’s as if she really knows those people.

    what cracked me up was the clay aiken jokes.

    very funny.

    but yeah, her talking voice is a little bit annoying.

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