There are four brothers in the family. The oldest (Mike) works in an office, then me ..I used to work at a grocery til I got fired, the third (Carlo) is an artist, and the youngest (Francis) owns that store above. a personalizing kiosk at the mall. Other than Mike, all three of us younger siblings take time working there. We kinda like the idea of sitting all day, chatting, playing psp’s, watching dvd’s, doing sodoku, reading books, checking out the women and earn money on the side. This store is our little baby and we were just waiting til next year to open another (one for me, coz my bros have accepted the fact that I will be fired from any other job that I take)… so you can say we had a bit of a stressful day when this whole thing collapsed this morning.

I got there after an hour, Francis had commanded me to take care of everything coz it was his birthday and he was in some beach enjoying himself. It was Carlo’s shift.. already he was stressed with the Saturday crowd. Now, think about sitting on a chair one minute drawing comic strips.. to everything just disintegrating to thin air. I know.. very slapstick!

There was nothing funny about it though. The store had lost half of its merchandise, including the machines and printers which drive the business. Carlo was merely getting by using his art skills to create the orders in photoshop and printing it in using another store’s printer. It would take another hour for the designer to arrive…

The designer was smiling when she got there. She said it was the first time she’d ever heard of a collapsing kiosk.. well, I must say, get the Guiness Book of World Records here already. The designer and her minions of “specialized” people managed to put the stall back up after only 30 minutes. She also said that she put a special material on the stall so the incident would never happen again.

Well.. that’s good.

So everyone’s happy and we went back to work. I figured I’d stay ’til the store closes to make sure everything else went by smoothly during the day. But boy was I wrong. After only two hours of standing up, I saw the kiosk collapse again before my very eyes.

Get those Guiness Book of World Records people back here! And while you’re applauding our loss.. I’ll be looking for that designer. Coz that special material that she put!?! TAPE!

Kudos to Carlo for the extra effort.
and to Francis.. Happy Birthday!


  1. That designer is an A**HOLE! You guys should make them pay for all the damaged and destroyed merchandise!

    Anyway, i didn’t know you had four brothers! I knew you had a kuya. No sisters?

  2. @jigs
    well, first one wasn’t her fault. although finding out that her special material was tape.. well, that was kinda irritating.

    her minions of specially trained tape plastering mongrels sure looked professional. hmmmm…

  3. Ha! Remember, you’re in America, the land of lawsuits and illegal immigrants! Make them liable (somehow) for the first one as well!

    So, I join the chorus in shouting:

    Sue them! Sue them! Sue them!

  4. @Q
    my brother told me not to say a word…

    we lost about $1000 ..takes about 3 days to get back.

  5. whoah $1000 dollars is a big amount..

    sana mabawi nyo rin agad yung mga nawala sa inyo…

    for the designers..Shoot them! Shoot them!

  6. Sue them! Sue them! Pro bono na lang kami.

    Oops! Wala ka nga pala sa Pinas. Sori, wala kaming pamasahe. Pag-usapan nyo na lang, he he.

  7. kung malakas lang loob ko mas ok nga ata mag business. teka sobra nalang tibay ng kiosk nyo, hehe. sana maayos na kaagad yan para di makasagabal sa business.

  8. ang cute naman nung store =)

    hmm.. all boys.. cool. seems like u have a happy childhood hehe, makukulet kasi boys eh =) wish i have a kuya too 🙁

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