Yet another story ProBlogger scums will have a bite on!!!

This is the story that’s making the world laugh out loud as of yesterday – the infamous Iphone got hacked. Previously, the Iphone had only been available to a certain provider (Cingular/AT&T) which made it suck big time, this aside from the not so cool features it had.

Well all the disappointment changed yesterday.. when a group of really cool peepz hacked into the Iphone and took a video using a different providers’ sim card with it (T-Mobile). Mind you, the Iphone had been unlocked before.. just not by a group of peepz who promised to tell everyone how to. Yay for open source hacky goodness!

To me that means I can now buy multitudes of Iphones for my minions in the Philippines because the Iphone out here (US) costs only $500 or about 23000 pesos; and I doubt it costs that much out there.

Overall, I don’t know if the video is true and I hope you don’t rest on my word. People are now cramming to create web apps to make the Iphone better. The future looks good, maybe I’d buy one sooner than later.

5 thoughts on “iPHONE HACKED

  1. I hope iPhone lives up to the hype.

    Don’t forget to send me one! My decrepit cellphone is on its way to the garbage can very soon.

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