There is an irony out there that is Mesothelioma. Lawyers are cashing in on it, webbies like me wanna talk about it, people are dying and nobody knows about it.

Mesothelioma or ‘asbestos cancer’ is a silent killer. You may have been exposed to asbestos for years before it even comes up. In the country, Mesothelioma is not much known. It is shun under its deep pronunciation even as people are constantly exposed to asbestos.

But I am not a doctor and I will not talk about how painful it is to have one. And since the doctors aren’t discussing the issue, let’s rest on the lawyers to tell us what to do.

This one chose the informative side

This one just told us how much money is involved when you sue your company

This one taps onto your patriotic side

And then there’s those who prove us lawyers can act.

And then there’s the guy who reminded us it’s no laughing matter.

End notes:
All respiratory diseases are painful killers.. still wanna smoke that cigarette? (I just lost half my readers with the cigarette remark)


  1. Seems like a Grisham thriller to me. But i do understand the danger lurking among those who are truly vulnerable. I just hope there’d be more to the fight than the lawsuits.

  2. Ang creep naman niyan. Ang paranoid ko pa naman pagdating sa mga health issues.

    Anu-anong mga bagay ba ang ginagamitan ng asbestos?

  3. @aryo
    Exactly, like a thriller..

    plumbing saka yung mga gumagawa ng kalsada. tatakpan mo yung ilong and bunganga mo when exposed to asbestos.

  4. teka … bakit kakaunti lang comments sa post na ito?

    talaga bang madami ang hindi interesado sa serious topics?

    syete! mas mabenta ba talaga ang entertainment kesa sa information?

    sabi mo,
    I just lost half my readers with the cigarette remark

    sabi ko naman,
    i’m glad i’m still part of the other half, na nandito pa rin

    blog on!

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