You can only ask me questions answerable by YES or NO. Otherwise, I’ll answer you with a question too (How about that for a game.. two in one) Let’s see where this goes.

A friend recently got a stuffed frog delivered to her office along with a bouquet of red roses. She does not have any boyfriend. More than this, she’s skeptical about the guy. Is he out to murder her? Is he really in love? Why a stuffed frog?

Help her understand the circumstance she’s in with this secret admirer/stalker. But most of all, let us help her know who the guy is.

There are five suspects:
1. Tariq – her best friend
2. Ahmad – one of Paolo’s alteregos
3. Musaq – the office mate
4. Joyfulchicken – a chicken blogger, leader of the mafia
5. Mark James – a guy from the Philippines


  1. Okay, I’ve changed my mind. I had a few more minutes to kill so here is my reason:

    I just found out that the name Tariq means “bringer of message.” Also, that Nike Gatsby cap looks like that of a newspaperboy. Their common denomination is that they both deliver something so my guess was Tariq.

    However, Tariq could simply be the delivery boy. One of the four remaining suspects could have asked Tariq to deliver the stuffed frog and roses.

    This is just a wild guess! Haha!

    I know my answer is wrong so here’s another question:

    Does anybody of the five suspects play golf?

  2. idea, but I think its a sweet gift! A frog waiting to be transformed by a princess’ kiss. Naks.;) Aba! Baka nga si Ahmad yon! 😉

  3. @kimpotent: Ouch 😛

    @paolo: Flowers and a freaking stuffed frog? That doesn’t make much sense… unless… unless… I know! Was the stuffed frog made of chocolate?

  4. @joyfulchicken
    sounds like an ex huh?! 😛 sounds odd though, for a chicken to send a stuffed frog. but who knows, maybe its you. these mysteries, they can get kinda tricky!, right?!

  5. I don’t think he is in love. I think he is just a feng shui expert and he gave that stuffed frog as a lucky charm.

    so i’m voting for joyful chicken!

  6. @agentgrey
    so joyfulchicken is a feng shui expert huh?!

    maybe he’s the one who goes out of the chinese octagon door thing. more known as… the bagwa

  7. I just hate games when people are asked to guess by deduction because I can’t help but play it! I hate you Paolo! Ok, on with my questions:

    1. Is this a true-to-life story?
    2. Is that thing on the froggie’s head relevant with all this?
    3. Are the black marks on its hands and feet relevant?
    4. Are you in on this charade?

    More questions people! I won’t be able to sleep until this gets solved!

  8. Musaq, I CHOOSE YOU!

    *bright light effects*

    He sees her everyday, so that makes sense right? Although Tariq may be a probable “suspect” but I’m pretty sure he’s afraid to lose their friendship if ever he crosses the line.

    The question is, why a stuffed frog.. Hmm. Maybe, he’s trying to tell your friend the her prince charming has finally come? LOL! 😛

  9. Fritz
    Hey man, thanks for dropping by. Passed your blog the other day and was gonna leave a comment, but the comment I had was stupid.

    ..was gonna say to survive a falling elevator, why dont you just keep jumping until it crashes. (That way you increase your chances of survival.)

    I know.. totally uncalled for..

    Anyway, for your questions:

    1. Yes.
    2. No. Animals aren’t part of stalking
    3. Nope.
    4. No

  10. @jhed
    mmmmm.. sounds like a pinoy movie! jowk. I will say that it may have the “Prince charming” message.. but I doubt it was a persian prince.

    Can anybody make guesses yet?!

  11. Hey, you may post all sorts of comments and I’ll try to put in something to out-retard it, how’s that for a deal?

    Anyway, see? I’m tracking this because I can’t and won’t fall asleep because of you!

    Ok, so next set of questions in connection to the last of mine:

    1. Do you have the answer?
    2. Will the correct answer depend, or was it already manifested, on the actual true-to-life occurence?
    3. Is the frog as a semblance of love, or the gift being a frog, of any relevance to the answer?
    4. Will I have another chance at taking on the ramp and actually do modeling granting that my height is only 5’6?

    Answer the 4th, the rest are irrelevant.


  12. Rhey
    Hmmm.. I wonder who this girl is?
    1. Yes. Because for all you know you might already be having dinner with him 😛

    2. Yes. If it were tulips or some other flower, it may not have mattered.. but, girlfriend, red roses!

    3. Yes. Are you trying to sway the readers by making it weirder?

  13. Fritz
    good deal!

    1. Yes. after tomorrow. everyone should make guesses now.
    2. Yes, it’s based on real life. No, it hasn’t been manifested (in the comments)
    3. No. It’s just a frog..
    4. Who knows.. I thought I’d always be an astronaut, and now I am!

  14. My answer is Mark James. Only Filipinos would chicken out and not seize the day. I mean, come on, a torpe unromantic guy gives a frog stuffed animal? He acted on impulse and took the first thing he saw off the Blue Magic counter! And besides, the other Indian-sounding characters would probably give the lady curry. There’s my guess and I’m over analyzing because I have got to sleep now.

  15. maybe a secret admirer who is most likely to be compared to a frog
    and the code means: “i am your prince charming”…
    magpakilala kaya yun?
    kung mukhang frog
    e nakakatakot nga..

  16. is the friend by any chance fond of frogs? if it was Tariq he would have given her something he knew she really wanted coz he’s supposed to know coz he’s supposed to be her bestfriend =P

    my guess is ahmad, because he is paolo’s alterego, and prolly wants to know if giving the stuffed frog+red roses combo was a dud through this clever quessing game pwahahaha!

  17. @jehzeel
    so you’re that confident about the answer huh?! 😛

    @rice gurl
    here’s a tip on how to know who it is
    1. ask the delivery guy what flower shop it came from
    2. call the flower and make up a story about you being stalked and that you just got flowers from their company.
    3. ask them who paid for the flowers.

    well, yea, that’s something i would do. i dont think it was ahmad though. 😛

  18. Why did Chicky join the mystery when he’s a suspect? (Oh, that’s me musing out loud. Please don’t give a question back in return, heh)

    Hmm… He must be hiding something!

    The fact that he’s the one! I say joyfulchicken. Am I right? 😛 Or do I really have to solve the mystery?

  19. @raein
    if you read through the comments, you’d probably be able to figure out who it is.. and help my friend why the guy sent those things.

    but yeah, looks like we prefer joyfulchicken. you should also drop by his site

  20. why is joyfulchicken a suspect? i didn’t know he liked girls! i thought he only liked poop? =P

    but then again, maybe he’s the one. what with the cute bear post coupleadays ago.

    now i have no idea who the stuffed-frog+roses combo sender is lol.

  21. I’m with fritz ‘s theory. But I still can’t decide who!

    For now I’ll go with Musaq, who was probably watching the whole thing as it happened and thinking of the next move to make. He might have been too chicken sh!+ about the whole thing and was trying to get your friend’s reaction about such an act. Ha ha gumawa na ng kwento.

    Anyway, sent by an anonymous guy? really?

  22. @zerovoltage
    yep. it was anonymous until my friend’s detective skills got it by contacting the flower shop.. now she knows who it is, and they’re having dinner in a week when he arrives.

  23. So, what’s the real score? Who was it? Can’t wait for you to say “Fritz is right but his premise is damn lame.” I’d take that long as I’m right. Show me the money!

  24. @everyone
    Yep, it’s Mark James. As far as why a guy like him would wanna go out with my friend still bothers my her. I told her it’s love at first sight.. but she doesn’t like fairy tales. She’s fragile like that. They’ll meet in a week.

  25. And who got it right first? I wanna hear it. C’mon! Bah, at least we can all put this mental torture behind us now, except for Mark James of course. Thanks for the closure!

  26. My questions:

    Did your friend like the gifts?
    Does your friend know who sent the gifts?
    Did she send it to herself?
    Does it matter what I think?

  27. Fritz already got it right… first!

    but to answer your questions:
    1. no, she hates it!
    2. we know now.. we called the flower shop and asked who paid
    3. no. she’s not desperate yet. if she was she’d probably ask me out.
    4. of course!

  28. no matter how desperate, i dont think she will ever ask you out…
    unless she’s really drunk where she becomes extra fragile and starts looking for her girlfriend pao…


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