There’s been quite a few controversies in the Pinoy Blogosphere and I kinda like the idea that some grown ups are engaged in random, uninstigated, civilized, intellectual arguments. So I thought I’d crop up my own little list of stupidly remarkable controversies which I hope would also be an example to the younger generation. Let’s begin..

If I explained this further.. I’d be in deep shit tomorrow morning! Lolz!

I dont get Paolo Mendoza sometimes, he’s too whack! He just won top prize in some writing project and now he wants to give out awards himself. The only reason why he won that award was because he tagged people who would vote for him. What does it mean to be ‘Evil’ anyway? ‘Evil’ is such a powerful word.. and it’s connected to, you know, Hell. And what’s this.. he’s making a list?! Oh… a blog of lists…

I’ve been anti-social long enough. So yeah, you heard that right! Jigs, Rhey and I are putting up a blogging circle that will make all those feisty grown up blogging circles (who wants to be recognized even if they’re out of place) weep in despair at how much friendlier we’re gonna be. And it’s only exclusive to cool people who love Blogarchy! Who wants to join?! huh?! huh?!

Happyslip’s videos are cool and all but I think they could add more Filipinization to it. Where’s the balut, the take home (to-go) habit, the Sto. Nino in the sala, the Rice cooker, the huge fork and spoon, and the Last Supper on the kitchen wall? She did score more evil vibes with the MLM video she just put up, but that’s that!!! Happyslip should remember that when she’s out there in some conference talking about vlogs, she represents the pinoy blogosphere.

Anyway, is ‘misrepresentation’ even a word? Oh yeah, it is.

Who cares if Carl Ocab is coached or not. Would you believe that there’s a chicken who blogs in the Philippines? Last I checked, chickens only had 3 fingers. They dont even call them fingers.. they call them ‘addidas.’ I also have never met a chicken who spoke english fluently, and claimed himself to be older than 25. Isn’t the life expectancy of a chicken only up to 20?

This raises a question: Who is the real author behind Joyfulchicken?! Is he hot? Is he tall? Is he really holding a fork and knife? Hmmm..

End notes:
For full details: Read Gibbs. Yes. Gibbs.


  1. Can you tell me more about the “friendlier blog circle?” I’m interested in joining.

    Sorry for the idiocy but what’s Blogarchy?

  2. @poli
    blogarchy is a state of lawlessness in the blogosphere!

    it’s when everyone’s fighting! ahehehehe

  3. YES TO BLOGARCHY! yahoo! ilista mo ako jan pareng paolo.

    Nakita mo naman, gumagawa na ako ng bagong issues sa blog ko. hihi

  4. Cute cats! Cute cats! Where did you get them! Cute!

    *ahem* okay…

    whoa state of lawlessness in the blogosphere! Yay!

    And did JC ask you to find him a match? 😛

  5. What?! What?! What?! What’s my name doing here……without a link?! *wink*

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this post and blog in no way reflects the general opinions of my blog. please avert your eyes. i am a nice blogger, a good blogger, a blogger full of sunshine, flowers and love for everyone…


    I can’t believe I got that going for so long! Wahahahaha!

    By the way, in a more serious note, I am also innocent in all the controversies surrounding the blogging world right now. I will preemptively deny all knowledge and participation in all matters regarding all the current controversies.

    And once again… I was pulling your leg. Mwahahaha!

    Haaaay, I LOVE CHAOS!!! Don’t you?

    I don’t know what’s coming over me! I can totally feel the EVIL in my veins! Feels icky…

    So we’re supposed to be the friendliest blogging circle ever huh? Sorry Paolo, I’ll try to behave…

    I did say try right?

  6. OK, you got me. I’m not really a chicken. I’m actually Colonel Sanders, and I use my blog to lure stupid chickens to their deaths. Yay!

    The Pinoy Blogosphere is more exciting than WWE. Drama and fighting… yay! But it’s all scripted. Boo.

    One last thing: you didn’t follow proper lolcat grammar on your cat picture… should have been “I KILLS U WIF MY BARE HANDZ” and “N I PEES ON UR TAIL LOLZ”… or something like that. I don’t know. I’m no lolcat expert myself.

  7. @runawaycat
    i got them off the net. i know, they’re cute huh?!

    dont worry, i still think you’re a real chicken. i only said what i said to be sarcastic about this whole controversy thing.

    i’m also starting to love cats. first the poop, now the cats! oh boy! you are influential!

  8. naniniwala akong manok si joyful chicken, kaya pag nakita ko yan i-cho-choke ko siya at ipiprito… fave ko fried chicken.

    hmm… papausukan ko rin siya baka pwedeng ipangsabong!

  9. I know something about Joyfulchicken, but I am bound by omerta, so, sorry. Can’t tell. =P

    Joyfulchicken: Scripted, huh? What’s the storyline, then?

  10. Medyo kani-kanina ko lang na-a-absorb ang lahat ng mga sinasabi ninyong kaguluhan sa Pinoy blogosphere.


    May blogger meetup sa may next week. Interesanteng makita ang mga reaksyon ng mga clashing parties kapag nagkita-kita na sila.

  11. i was thinking about going pro and i changed my mind after this. heehehe

    not really, you know how lazy i am.

    anyway, i love fighting and controversy and conflict. this makes everything healthy and exciting… if everyone got along then the blogosphere would be really boring… hehehehe

    and its so cool we are actually the protagonists in this one… the poor protagonists who have never earned a dime doing something they love. hehehe (just a tad bitter there)…

    read Gibb’s blog. asteeg. i couldnt help but laugh at Mr Fernandez’s sentiments. if im bitter about being broke, he’s bitter coz what throne he thought belonged to him has become someone elses’.
    anway, why am i commenting about that here?
    5. i agree with you 100%
    4. i have my deadlines to meet on this one.
    3. yeay, im mentioned again. you must really love me. if by the time im 35 and mark james still has not proposed then we should hook up and make babies.
    2. happyslip is funny!
    1. joyfulchicken will always be chicken to me and i bet he’s hot! 😛

  12. Nyak. Because of my excessive downloading, I haven’t been able to visit around for a couple of days, then pagbalik ko kung ano-ano na nangyari and thanks to you, I get to read the posts, comments and other crap.

    *sigh* All I have to say is, mga pinoy talaga, madaling mapikon over the stupidest of things.

    Its nice to be mababaw. But not too mababaw.

  13. @raein: Runawaycat was there before you. She was the pioneer! You’re misrepresenting cats. Yay, more controversy >:)

    @rhey: Yes, I’m a hot and spicy chicken.

    @arbet: It’s scripted, I’m telling you. The storyline will play itself out in time. We’ll just have to sit back and watch.

  14. Oh my.. ang daming controversies! LOL! More, more, more! Haha! I love reading about them for as long as I’m not included in it. :))


  15. alright… i may be the last one on this thread but hell this one’s the best post i’ve read that truly made everything evilly great!

    oh…come on…spare the chicken. i still believe that chicken was abducted by aliens you know?

  16. I agree with #3. I’m all for Blogarchy, haha!

    I think napag-usapan na namin ni Jigs to dati, hehe. Ask him..

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