The last play and the score tied. I was in for the final inbound of the game.

It was a good group to be amongst and against, sort of the game you would wanna watch rather than play. One of my teammates, however, loved the idea of shooting the ball even when there are five men on him. yep… ballhug! Bakaw!

It was like that for most of the game until, in the final play …a miracle. The clouds opened and the light of heaven shone on my teammate gracing him with charity, generosity and unselfishness (its all thesame thing but it would take more than one grace for him to pass that ball). I was the recipient of this pass, and oh did it feel like having the One ring.

One ring to rule them all
One ring to find them
One ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them!

I breathed profusely and sported a crazy smile that resembled .Gollum “Finally (gasp), the ball (gasp), its in my hands.” …and, obviously, i didnt want to pass it back. I lavished at the idea to take the final shot of the game and give my team the win!

I geared to take the shot while ahead I saw my opponents running towards me like innocent little nice people who’s greatest wish was for me to miss the shot (or reach me in time for a foul). I was at a triumphs moment where, like in the Spiderman movie, everything suddenly moved so slowly – the time clock was extra long, the people rushing towards me seemed to be from a mile, and the goal got larger. I knew then… I was on fire!

So i take the shot in clear perfection certain that it will go in …and it did.

…Then it went out.

Words cannot describe the feeling. Like being Michael Jordan one minute to being back to the Care Bears the next. We lost that game because of me, and I felt my teammates annoyance from not passing the ball back.

The only prize i got from it is something off my photographic memory — of how funny they looked when they jumped altogether clamoring to catch a shot that wasn’t gonna go in anyway.


  1. I mean, seriously… The ball bouncing back out of the ring is like a scene from a funny slapstick like movie.

    Seriously?!? That happened to you? I know little about basketball and I haven’t seen that happen before. I’m just stupid I guess.

    Oh well, tough break kid! Haha!

  2. @cars
    i know.. it’s so bad.

    i love taking final shots. that’s the michael jordan in me.. hahaha!

    @cant u read
    yeah, i like the care bears too. I’m grumpy bear though. And did you know he died.

    very hard loss. but really cool game. when you blog about it, it’s like just another day.. but that time i know the team felt bad. 😛

    or maybe it was a side spin! that’s why it rolled out! 😛

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