In the many things I have done to enhance my hotness in the blogosphere – podcasting, video blogging, writing poetry, joining adsense and several other affiliate programs (lest you haven’t noticed that yet) – I have added one more to this list ..and no I’m not talking about the Numa Numa dance.

What I’m talking about is Pay Per Post, a service that allows you to earn online by writing about certain websites. At first I was skeptical about joining because I thought that bloggers would be forced onto a corner and write constantly about things that doesn’t interest them (and write like a robot). I now know this to be wrong. Apparently, the site only allows you certain things to write about based on qualifications that your blog has to meet, upon which you can pick what you want to write. Well that’s cool. 😛

Aside from this, most of the websites that you review ask for only 200 words at least, which is like ..easy, and the only thing you have to do is put a link (Eg. blog ethics) or a disclosure image like the one below. Not so bad for to get paid an extra 5 bucks (or more) which totally makes me happy. I might finally be able to buy a PS3. Yay!

As far as the payment, I still haven’t earned from it. This is actually my first post. Lolz!


I’ve been mum in the past week even while the Ateneo-Lasalle fever has raged on. My apologies.But for those who dont know, Lasalle won over Ateneo last week after someone from Ateneo lost check of the clock. Upon this, the Blue Eagles had their hands full forced to win their next three games, over UST and LaSalle (who got the twice to beat advantage), to make it to the finals. The last of these three games happens on Sunday.

It’s the fifth time LaSalle and Ateneo would meet in season 70; every one of their games have been very close and for some reason, I feel that whoever wins this match will eventually get the title? My theory? LaSalle and Ateneo have been so obsessed with each other that they neglected UE. Therefore, only after taking care of the other team would one be able to focus on the task at hand (the warriors) which isn’t so hard to beat at all.

Did you like that? It was totally unbiased! Lolz! Pikchooooor…

Check out Inboundpass.com for the photos


Going down from 260 to 200 when your ideal weight is only 160 (at most) is quite an accomplishment. Though I would say, my ordeal is far from over. I once thought that I’d lose more weight two months ago thereby reaching my goal of 180 by November this year. That doesn’t seem to be possible anymore coz I think I plateaued and I’m still up 200 at this point. So now I’m angry that I feel the need to blog it ..like therapy.

So I’ve been reading all this weight loss nonsense (which I’ve read countless times before) about how to lose weight effectively. Calorie Counter said that if I only lost 1-2 pounds every week, that I’ll be 150 by July 8, 2008. Now, what the fuck kind of recommendation is that? Are you telling me that I need to be on diet for a whole year before your website would consider me “healthy?”

Aw hell no..

I already lost close to 60 pounds since September of last year, why the heck should I endure more salad, tofu, and those green tea that’s supposed to boost my metabolism! Shet!

So I came to conclusion on how I could effectively lose weight. First was that I should treat myself as an enemy – starve Me to death, and tell Me to start running more than 400 calories/day with Rocky ..the treadmill. I am also seriously considering donating my liver, which weighs about 3 lbs., and both my kidney, which probably weighs more due to stones. And if man only actually uses 10% of his brain, maybe I could donate that too. I am also seriously considering chopping 3 fingers on each hand and foot. All for the sake of losing 20 more lbs.

Think about it.. it might actually work. How about an eye? Or maybe I should just enjoy some Steak and forget these even happened.


Ok. So I guess I should be back to my samaritan ways teaching all you cool Blogger peepz how to get the Blogger icon out of your way so you could replace it with your own (and create the WordPress aura). Here’s how:

1. Get a 20×20 image (or something that’s approximately as big as an icon). Save it as a jpeg/gif file and put it in Photobucket (where I put mine) or any of those photo storage sites.

2. Copy the link.

3. On your Blogger template, copy the tag below and insert your file where indicated. (must be inside < > symbols)

link href=’http://your-own-file.jpg‘ rel=’Shortcut’ type=’image/x-icon’/

4. Paste the code under the HEAD tag of your blogger template. (the head tag is located among the first few lines, you cant miss it)

5. If this doesn’t work, there’s a more scientific way of doing it (which I call the Favicon way). Try that instead.

DISCLAIMER: I am not good with programming so I’m only telling you how I do it. I’m not sure if it’s gonna work for you, but it sure works for me. Lolz!