For brotherhood’s sake, You made me welcome;
Was for it still that I now write my own memoriam?
My life stripped by the vile of the academe

And with a doctor’s aid, You guiled my dream.

That open hand that called me in fraternity;

Twas the same clenched fist that murdered me.
Oh enemies I once had from beyond your walls;
I exchanged ten more to drag me on your halls.
Hazed by a brotherhood that You and I created
Hazed to a tragedy both senseless and wicked

Bothers we were when you lifted that plank.

Were we brothers still when I died in your hand?

Justice for Cris Mendez


  1. i agree with poyt. the existence fraternities in general should not be blamed for this tragedy but rather the characters involved.

    i also think that before we put all those other issues in front of us, that we should first focus on the call for justice and peace.

    i want world peace..

  2. its the “fatal hazing” brothers, that “kills”.

    fraternity maybe a “brotherhood” in a nice sense, but with “hazing” added into it? … i don’t think so.

    it’s the same thing happened in the death of Lenny Villa of Ateneo de Manila back in 1991.

    violence is violence. and humans aren’t invulnerable to deadly tests or whatever they call it.

    most especially, when premeditated fatal blows is done with the intent to kill … that’s ruthless. to be more precise, that’s murder.

    blaming it to the group itself or to the particular members involved is inseparable.

    * generalization is normally formed from specific examples.

    * “call” for justice & peace? … well, let’s wait for the “answer”.

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