I dont expect anyone to read Eloisa to Abelard (my previous entry) in its entirety. C’mon! For something you cant fully comprehend, it’d probably take you just one stanza to say “Awwww, that’s lovely” before rushing away to a more humane site. So for the sake of my ultra-sophisticated readers, let’s talk about something else. Something more profoundly interesting — like Boobies!

Yes! Boobies! There is nothing so embarrasing about this word, nothing so coy. If anything, the whole human race should understand that Boobies is a significant part of history. A source of power that could have very well been the foundation of our being. Imagine if Eve was flat-chested? She would’ve looked just like a man and Adam would have immediately disowned her ..and none of us would exist.

After all, aren’t males the more visual ones? Boobies must’ve been a present from the heavenlies so we wouldn’t be committing sodomy all the time. As for other gender distinctions – genitals, male stupidity, female intuition – most of these are hidden under the facade we promote ourselves to be! Although recently, Boobies can be faked as well. Plastic Surgery has made it possible for women (and men for that matter) to impose ginormous amounts of plastic under their skin and present themselves as humans while God shakes his head in heaven saying “I did not create those monsters!”

Shouldn’t there be a term for those who have too much sexual drives, say, “extra-sexual?” Or how about “theosexual” for those who think that the law, whether human or divine, should impose on how man could behave sexually? As far as I’m concerned, man was always free to express himself and I am not opposed to all forms of freedom so long as no other rights are jeopardized. What’s wrong about homosexuality? Isn’t there anything better than allowing two hot lesbians express themselves?

Ah! Just one of the benefits of sexual beings. Studies have proven that sex done 200 times a year (roughly 4 times a week) could improve your health and make you younger to upto 4 years. This could be vitamins!

I guess the overall message of this post is to go get laid. Stop blogging for awhile and think of all the beautiful things you can do aside from the missionary position. And if you’re ever well-versed in the diplomatic vernacular, lest you’re after a turn off, please dont ever call Boobies as mammary glands ..its so motherly!

3 thoughts on “BOOBIES IN DA’ HOUSE!

  1. Yay! Boobies!

    The video is hilarious. You should get Kevin and Ahmad to do something like that.

    On second thought… don’t. Please don’t.

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