Day 3 – Do blogs really earn?

My topics are going too fast. At least that’s what I’ve been told. You see, I have editors – people whom I come across in my daily meanderings. They’re also the ones I’m trying to convince to blog. So for their sake I’m gonna lighten up a bit on what would’ve bit a brutal take on blogging for bucks.

The question has been raised – do blogs earn? I can say they do because I earn from it. The question is how, how much, and for the skeptics, why do you earn? That’s what I’ll discuss today.

Why are people willing to make you earn?
The sad truth about all this is that the web is ran by advertising. Yup, it’s true! Behind this little box of free-flowing information is the idea of commercial gain (nobody works for free bro). Think of your blog as a TV show – you produce content, advertisements froth. People check out those advertisements and you earn. So basically all you need to do is apply to those ad serving sites to get a code pasted on your blogs and, whallah! You’ve turned your blog into a money making machine!

Goodie! I’m broke as hell! How much is at stake?
If you believe that Mel and Joey episode that got me into this mess in the first place (coz everyone of my friends thought of me after seeing that show), you’d find that blogging can earn you $300-$6000 dollars. I earn a little over 500/mo. and that’s from more than one blog, btw. If I do my computations right – coz we all want to beat the system – I’d probably earn $2,000 dollars by late next year.

Beating the system, I iz like!
Well, my deep thinking told me that if only I have 30,000 visitors every month, I’d most likely earn two thousand dollars from various ad services available on my blog. That audience is not really something so huge as it is separated into 5 blogs. I’ve already achieved my quota for audience here. But it’s different when you talk about it in terms of statistics.. truth is, I just like the idea that people read me (the nut that I am). What this proves is that you don’t really need great content, you only need an audience.

Can I has munnies now?
If you wanna earn from blogging, first you need to have a blog (duh!). Get one right now while you’re inspired as it is only a matter of time before you start not earning from it. The process of getting your first check is long and hard.. all for the sake of a hundred bucks. Unless you’re blogging for another purpose other than money, it wont be long before you give it up.

There! Absorb that and see if you still wanna make munnies.. lolz! I miss my sociological blog now 🙁

8 thoughts on “CAN I HAS MUNNIES NOW?

  1. hmmm… with everything that you’ve just said, i’d only agree with one: YOU DO WRITE TOO FAST!!!! i hate having to go read a whole trilogy sort of entries. geez! aawayin na talaga kita! LOL!

    (still reads the rest… stupid me.)

  2. I’ve stopped trying to earn money. Because I’m impatient and the numbers weren’t growing. And I just needed about 25 bucks to buy meself a domain name anyway. Hahahaha.

  3. Mareng Winnie is really cool. I encountered her for the second time when she guested as a speaker for a governance forum that we had here and she always had that quintessential groove with her and the witty satirical opening salvo.

    When she saw my colleague who’s supposed to send her off at the airport, carrying her piles of law books, she inquired if my colleague is missing class because of the cordial task of fetch-and-deliver, Mareng Winnie just comically remarked “Don’t be silly.” She said she can manage. Of course.

  4. adsense is not working with me.. so paid blogging and small pay-per-click ads are what I got.. earning $500 is good enough, compared to what pinoy earning in Phils 😀 Ooops, I noticed I’m using too much dot.. lol

  5. @amor
    hey. i’m also alot like you.. i earn about 500 bucks from this blog. I just recently stuffed it with 4 other ad serving sites because I’ve pre-planned to get 4 blogs.

    i guess it’s because of where we are that the prices of the ads are much larger.

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