Got this “10 Things I Hate” meme from PinoyUnited and Blogbastic like a loooong time ago. I dont usually like Meme unless they’re about hatred and pain and suffering.

I do not like chocolate. As odd as that sounds, I’m not into sweets, which is totally weird coz I’m fat. Maybe it’s because I like rice.. but yeah. Dark chocolate is ok though. Not something I’d go out to eat still.

What is Siniguelas in english? Is it even a fruit?

Carrots! When I was 4 I even told my yaya to leave because she served me carrots (that’s the Flor de Luna in me)

I hate name droppers! One time I was in the village with a friend when one of his kababayan’s was talking about his dad who was a politician, and the guy spoke of him like they were really good friends. If that person only knew he was talking about his son…

In my endless list of embarrassing moments. I was once in a jeep making kuyakoy with my fly open and this girl in front kept looking at my crotch. I didn’t know the girl was signaling me to close it using his eyes. I thought she was just ..admiring. Lolz!

TV shows/movies:
Wowowee and Gossip shows. I dunno.. maybe because we dont have variety shows here that make money off of the impoverished. I dont really condemn it, I just dont like the idea. Gossip shows, on the other hand, I think are ran by leeches who feed from other people’s lives.

I hate country. Dont you?

Household chores:
Washing the dishes. And painting the walls.. out here we have to paint the walls of our every season to protect it from rain. I wonder why I never did that in the Philippines though.

Thing/s around the world:
I hate Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald.

Thing/s about myself:
Contrary to popular belief (which I had written about before), I am not always happy. I’m suicidal ..I just haven’t killed myself coz I’m fat and I dont want people in my wake going “he must be depressed coz he was fat.”

Now for the tag:
Ate Kubi, Ate Rhey, Ate Ria, Ate Andrea, Tita Janet, Kuya Q, Kuya Daniel, Kuya Mark and Kuya Carl Ocab.

12 thoughts on “DEFINE HATRED

  1. How the hell did I become a Kuya? You’re years older then me.


    19+5 = 24 + 1(for good measure) = 25, there! we’re equal now!

  2. “I dont usually like Meme unless they’re about hatred and pain and suffering.” he he he. pasensya na tol nadamay ka.

    re: event – buti na lang di pa nagyari sa kin to

  3. “I dont usually like Meme unless they’re about hatred and pain and suffering”… hahahha… nice one!

    im not also into meme tagging… it’s very matrabaho because it needs a lot of thinking! hhahahaa

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