The chickenmafia had previously written about the english language and how messing it up allows its evolution whether through baby talk, text speak, spanglish, engalog, Ebonics, or lolcat. You would probably have to live in the US to find how people take it for granted just how Filipinos take tagalog (or their native dialect) for granted.

In writing, people are just as much a culprit of English (or at least that’s what many Filipinos would think, the product of a shame-based asian culture). I already pride myself to using commas, dashes and dots exaggeratedly, plus the fact that I invent words like I was a dictionary of my own. Not for the sake of fucking english but because I feel as though it is the only way by which I could convey my message ..like a style!

The point is, English isn’t math! It is not an exact science bordered by a set of rules that one should religiously follow. Neither should it, an english professor at the Cal University told me, “be used to curtail others from having a voice.”

I also made the point previously that some people, whom I called Pseudo-Conio (or feeling conio), drown themselves in grammar which is pointless. Anybody who thinks otherwise should only look at George Bush. Lolz!

6 thoughts on “ENGLISH IS NOT MATH!!!

  1. Someone not lazy should start a website called enggalog.com or something. We can’t let engrish.com have all the fun. We should share our unique bastardization of the English language with the rest of the world. Yay!

  2. This makes English creative. Language serves as communication channel so as long as one can understand the other, there’s not much of a problem here. The formal or academic English is another story. 😀

  3. Grammar is so overrated.

    Of course we try not to butcher it as much as possible but when we do butcher it (unintentionally), I don’t think its such a big deal. The important thing is that you get your point across.

    Bwisit yung mga taong kapag nakakita ng grammatical error e bigla na lang hihirit ng:

    “Bumaba na talaga ang kalidad ng edukasyon.”

    Either that or some people are just too finicky.

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