For awhile let’s take a break from the munnies thinggy and go back to talking about nonsense. I had already said previously that I missed my pathological-sociological topics.. this coupled with Janet Toral’s quest to revive the Filipina makes for an astig, “who’s yow mama” type of post – and I’m talkin’ like a gangsta coz mah sistahs aint no pimp y’all.

Loren Legarda
Bloggers beware! She just had BoyBastos arrested for being ..well ..uh ..bastos? Not that I care for any of this. As far as I know Ms Legarda needs to be respected, she speaks very good english – the type that makes your nose bleed. She’s also very smart which makes her a very good contender for the next “Brenda.”

Loren Legarda

Miriam Santiago
The original “Brenda,” for “brain damage.” I had once wished for her to guest on Mo Twister’s radio program to show her cool side and maybe kill that damn leprechaun. Should she decide to run for office someday, I’m voting! Why not, pick a candidate! every one of those candidates will fold to Ms. Miriam. She’s sharp, witty and evil. I like!

Winnie Monsod
It seems every woman that I have to write here has some sort of retardation (except for Miriam). Mareng Winnie as she is widely called is much like our first two pinays down here. Have you ever seen her smile? creeeeeepieeee! If jack the ripper was a woman, I’d mistake it to be her.

Winnie Monsod

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
For someone as tall as Mo Twister, I can’t even call her a leprechaun. I’m that scared of her! I tell you there’s something in the mole that acts either as a lucky charm or a talisman. It’s the same type of mole that empowers Nora and ..uhm ..Enrique Iglesias! Hers must be an on-off switch to acting like a president, if it ever had been on.

Gloria Arroyo

Imelda Marcos
The woman who gave birth to Imee, who in turn gave birth to Borgy. She already had an evil career before that. Once dubbed as the most powerful woman of Asia, all I can say is that Asia is a darn big content! Last I heard she was acquitted of the several cases she once faced, this and ERAP was convicted? Oooh.. I scared!

Imelda Marcos


  1. oh my god, im laughing my ass of here.. this is so nice.. at pinaguusapan pa lang natin ‘tong mga babaeng ito and then here they are. bilib ako! great entry! whoooh!

  2. hahaha! seeing the photo of loren… will we see another fight? loren legarda vs. paolo mendoza this time? the senatorial “bastard” (may feminine ba ng bastard?) vs. the philosophical bastard. haha.

  3. Hah nice one. I got to meet with Loren Legarda a few weeks ago. She is smart. Miriam Santiago happened to be a teacher of my husband 21 years ago and she advised him about marriage. That was sweet of her. I met Imelda Marcos at the height of Ninoy Aquino assasination and she is absolutely charming. Despite the negative criticisms, I could not help but feel in awe of her presence. She is absolutely nice to everyone. A politician’s wife indeed. I never got to talk to GMA personally so I don’t really know how she is in person.

  4. it was GMA that i met personally. i admire santiago. for loren, yeah she’s smart but not evil. si winnie naman, ur right, she’d freak you out when she smiles. lol.

    nice post. nakakatuwa. hhehehe. i’m still laughing my ass out here. hehehhee

  5. Interesting post we have here, Paolo. Tickles my funny bones. LOL.

    All of those you have mentioned, I didn’t get to meet in person. But with the interviews they have on print or on the boob tube, I can truly say that they are awesome. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, in particular.

  6. Miriam was interviewed in Wazzup Wazzup once. she told the girl impersonating her that she could tell people abroad that her (the girl’s) job was a woman impersonator. we all like her. she even has her own accent. 😀

  7. Lol! You forgot the showbiz industry powerhouses: Mama Anabelle, Tita Cristy, Korina and of course, the one, the only, whose songs would heal you and make you love, Kris Aquino (with matching Boy Abunda).

    Damned. Miriam is absopositively psychotic. I adore her. I wish I could scream out to the press that the SC is a bunch of maggots as well. *sigh*. I hope she gets that seat in the International court, then the entire world can share in our admiration for her and she gets elected Supreme World Leader.

    Loren’s ambitious. Accdg to my Tito, who was her classmate back at the National Defense College, her entire lifeplan was already mapped out (up to the presidency), complete with TIMELINE. Now that’s scary.

    Accdg to my two batchmates, who had Winnie Monsod as a teacher at UP, she not only has a creepy smile, but has a voice like Darth Vader as well, because of some surgery to her throat or something like that.

    The two times I met Gloria, all she did was smile and shake hands and smile and wave. (The latest one was yesterday @ SM Manila, she watched Rogue Assasin with Mike Arroyo. We were wondering why there were PSG guards and bomb sniffing dogs outside the cinema O_O)

  8. @Q
    i still remember the 1992 mock elections that we had in school. I was in 6th grade then and Miriam won it in our school.

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