I’ve been scouring the net for the best free blogger templates out there for some 2.0 stuff. You know, like something more professional but not too imposing, or something weird but not psychotic. Over all, after several days of searching, I haven’t found nearly anything I liked. So in case you ever get to this situation, here’s a review of some that I came across:

1 – Free Blogger Templates
For a site that take the number 1 spot in Google searches for “free blogger templates” this site does not deliver at all. I’ve seen all their templates from which, incidentally, looks to offer more sense than the site. You may come across 2 nicely made cool templates but, and this is just me (coz I have freedom of speech) the rest are ugly.

2 – Pyzam
Talk about a total waste of time – a multitude of designs made under just one template format – basically, a two-column design where the only thing that changed was the background. Lolz! What a joke! Even I could do something like that. (And I only know fuckin HTML!) If anybody thought of even going through all that nonsense ..goodluck!

3 – FinalSense
Well, I must say, after being exposed to Pyzam nothing will certainly look bad. Actually, FinalSense doesn’t look bad at all. This site offer a variety of cool designs that fit people’s needs. Kudos to them. They should be on top of Google Searches!

4 – Free Blogspot Templates
This site, if your going down the Google list might show a considerably good variety of blog templates and even teach people how to put them in their blogs. But those aren’t original and people who are ignorant to blogs who offer nothing but an opportunity to earn from adsense will definitely not like it.

5 – ProBlogger
Ah! The great Darren Rowse himself. What amuses me is that the post doesn’t really offer anything particularly interesting for Blogger users (more for WordPress, really). But hey, the Gecko and Fly site made its way to number 5 through this article. That’s enough worth for me.

6 – Free Blogger Templates (another one)
Talk about maximizing Google Adsense! This page is over ran with ads that you just dont feel welcome its for robots!

Now now.. I should probably send you some cool place if you ever come across this blog right? Check here, here, here and here. These are the best I came across.


  1. Ako rin nahihilo na sa kahahanap ng magandang template.

    Sana marunong akong magbutingting ng mga html, xml, css at kung anuman para makagawa ako ng sarili kong template.

  2. i tried almost everything on your list actually because i am a template addict! has only four selections.. i hate them

    jackbook has a wide variety of template choices… i love them, but the only problem is, it wont work on my blogger… i always encounter an error everytime i hit the save button… i dont know if the problem is in my internet connection, browser or blogger system itself… i remember i said my blog is changing… this is the website i am looking for templates, but sadly it wont work for me

    im into gecko and fly this time… i use andreas07… currently running on my practice blog… but it is not yet finished… it’s in classic blogger format…

    i suggest you do the tweakings in a practice blog… so that this template that you are using will not affect everything that’s in here…

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