My Life in Game Consoles
chapter 1
The Game and Watch

For many of you, the earliest game console was probably the Super Nintendo Entertainment System where you could play countless battles of Marvel or Street Fighter as your yaya called you endlessly for lunch. Those a little bit older may remember The Family Computer which was the most high-tech console of 1987 (it was corny back then to put them on shirts). But for those of you who happen to be at least 25 years old might remember the Game and Watch. A console that functioned as a game and a watch – it doesn’t get more self explanatory than that!

*cue flashback music*

My memories of the G&W is so vivid because I got it the same year I watched my very first movie, He-Man! You see, as a kid I had always preferred a routinized life – Batibot in the morning, then school, then Patintero with the rest of the kids once I got home. At night my yaya would always “make timpla” Ovaltine (coz we liked it better than Milo) after dinner while she watched Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang or some Vernie Varga show!

It was during my yaya’s reign on tv that we were left with nothing to do – there were no more kids to play with, no more kiddie shows to catch, and Astroboy had just died. Empty, alone, purposeless and still unaware of the existence of porn (and Pamella Anderson), Game and Watch filled the void of 7-9pm before we went to bed.

9 thoughts on “GAME AND WATCH

  1. I got to play video games when I was a child, but unlike normal kids, I am hooked on reading books as opposed to gaming consoles. Maybe it’s just that I just play at my neighbor’s house and I don’t have my own.

    I still have the SNES console at home [which is owned by my older bro], with the tapes. Super Mario is <3. Ahhh, the memories.

  2. meron akong g&w na exactly katulad niyang nasa picture. nagkaroon din ako nung popeye and yung mga space ships.

    hay, mga panahon ni macguyver at ng one million chance of a lifetime.

  3. @duroy
    lolz! I had the Atari 2600 but because it came from the US, it had a different voltage, and we were never able to play it. I guess my parent were afraid that we’d just plug it anywhere.

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