Ok. So I guess I should be back to my samaritan ways teaching all you cool Blogger peepz how to get the Blogger icon out of your way so you could replace it with your own (and create the WordPress aura). Here’s how:

1. Get a 20×20 image (or something that’s approximately as big as an icon). Save it as a jpeg/gif file and put it in Photobucket (where I put mine) or any of those photo storage sites.

2. Copy the link.

3. On your Blogger template, copy the tag below and insert your file where indicated. (must be inside < > symbols)

link href=’http://your-own-file.jpg‘ rel=’Shortcut’ type=’image/x-icon’/

4. Paste the code under the HEAD tag of your blogger template. (the head tag is located among the first few lines, you cant miss it)

5. If this doesn’t work, there’s a more scientific way of doing it (which I call the Favicon way). Try that instead.

DISCLAIMER: I am not good with programming so I’m only telling you how I do it. I’m not sure if it’s gonna work for you, but it sure works for me. Lolz!

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