Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson
Cant act!
And their movie sucks!
What you gonna do now, fans?
Eat your heart out Kimerald!
The movie sucks! Sucks! Sucks!
Put that in your kokote!
It’s ugly
Makes me wanna puke!
So kadireee..
I’m so conio pa naman.
Why am I talking about this?

14 thoughts on “I’VE FALLEN FOR YOU REVIEW

  1. Lol. I like your review.

    Now, KIMERALD FANS are gonna hate you with passion. BWahahahahhahahaha.

    And I do agree that they can’t act, especially Gerald. Lol.

  2. I’m sure the fans have dropped here already. pero nagulat sila sa english ko.. ang deep! Kaya siguro hindi makapag-comment 😛

  3. Even if the movie is free with free popcorn, I won’t even think of watching it. It’s not even worth the free popcorn. Nood na lang ako porno sa internet….libre na, enjoy ka pa.

  4. you just hurt my feelings… aaaaw! ahuhuhuhuhuhu… i hate you for saying that kim and gerald cannot act and that the movie sucks… *still munching that sarcasm chips*

  5. Kim Chiu is cute, but she still suck. Gerald is fugly and definitely suck balls. Both of them suck. The movie sucks.

    See? Overrated movies and love tandems equate to the phrase “suck”. Fed up of them big time.

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