In the many things I have done to enhance my hotness in the blogosphere – podcasting, video blogging, writing poetry, joining adsense and several other affiliate programs (lest you haven’t noticed that yet) – I have added one more to this list ..and no I’m not talking about the Numa Numa dance.

What I’m talking about is Pay Per Post, a service that allows you to earn online by writing about certain websites. At first I was skeptical about joining because I thought that bloggers would be forced onto a corner and write constantly about things that doesn’t interest them (and write like a robot). I now know this to be wrong. Apparently, the site only allows you certain things to write about based on qualifications that your blog has to meet, upon which you can pick what you want to write. Well that’s cool. 😛

Aside from this, most of the websites that you review ask for only 200 words at least, which is like ..easy, and the only thing you have to do is put a link (Eg. blog ethics) or a disclosure image like the one below. Not so bad for to get paid an extra 5 bucks (or more) which totally makes me happy. I might finally be able to buy a PS3. Yay!

As far as the payment, I still haven’t earned from it. This is actually my first post. Lolz!


  1. it’s so nice that your blog has mutated. i can’t get in dun sa isa.

    i hope money doesn’t blur your vision, retarded though it might be.

  2. @pat
    the mutation is long overdue. I’ve been going around the net for awhile trying to check for templates.

    as far as money, i’m resolved to making my reviews as grounded and as true as possible. I owe that to my readers as well.

    you should join.. it’s harmless.

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