“Basketball, Showbiz and Politics
It is as divine as God the Father, God the son
and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Paolo Mendoza on the UAAP

With Ateneo’s surprising loss to NU, which is now the “laugh out loud” story in the University belt, Ateneo put themselves in a much, much un-anticipated match again with the Green Archers in a twice to beat series that surely culminates to be this years most electrifying sports matches. (Why am I talking like a sportscaster.. it’s definitely gonna be Ateneo!)

I had been covering the LaSalle-Ateneo rivalry this season beginning with a pre-season review, a match up preview, to when the green archers lost to the blue eagles in overtime, which everyone called “chamba” until they lost again care of Maeirhoffer’s .2 seconds late arrogance in their recent game. Lolz!

Now, in all of the bad things I said, it wouldn’t surprise me to get hate mails, just not stupid ones:

BFF (bitch from fiendster)
hello… how r we doin mate…i just wanna say…in a very friendly way…at my only spare time during this week…wat the fu*k was dat…i miss people from the phils…i get excited when people from there connect to me…but wat d hell? if ur gona write somethin… at least say somethin other people wud give a shit bout… or sumthin remotely interesting…and if ur gonna say shit lyk y ateneans r better than la sallians… make sure u share it with another atenean… not a former la sallian…i mean that’s just gay…r u gay? if u are… no offense… i hav nothing against gay people…u know y la sallians r better than ateneans…because we’r everywer…la salle malvern, australia…tnk u very much. i thot ateneans wer meant to be smart, man… i mean thats just wrong…get a life… or a gf…hope dat helps…take it easy…

Now what’s a Philosophical Bastard to do? Why, reply of course!
Thanks but i am a Lasallian myself (You should’ve checked! If not then that’s fine too, it’s very LaSallian not to confirm). Oh dont worry, I take no offense about your message at all. I find pleasure in offending people. And, I’m saying this in a very friendly way, i come across narrow-minded people like you all the time. If you dont mind me asking, whats wrong with what i said.. which part?

Anyway, FYI, im actually more Lasallian than you coz iv been studying there since kinder. And ..uhm ..”mate,” I’m in the US; LaSallians here are more powerful than LaSallians in Malvern, Australia… thank you very much! If you didn’t get that, dont be too arrogant about your social status coz you might end up eating your own words… like now! Yay!

Plus, dont you think you use dots too much? It’s insane.. I swear. (You shouldn’t swear btw., it’s not good manners)

Hohummm.. LaSallians might be into all this altercation thinggies nowadays. Something in the Manila air, maybe? Or maybe just Cubao’s? (and Malvern, Australia ..thank you very much!)

If you don’t like downloading videos though, that’s the one where Brian Ilad (of DLSU) throwing a shameful punch at Mark Fempulme (of UE) after a short altercation between him and Rico Maierhofer resulting from a hard foul late in the first quarter of the game. KK, I sleep now!


  1. this is why i sooo love college leagues! even inside the court, there is showbiz. 😀

    and yeah… maybe its the funky manila air.


  2. on bff’s comment: i like her delivery. she does manage the whole “in a friendly way” doesn’t she? the censorship on “fuck” was a nice touch. and that bit where she assumes you’re gay, then says no offense. genius. she hates you, but is very diplomatic 😀

  3. If only a sentence construction plugin would be available for Web browsers. You call “fuck” and “shit” a friendly way of talking? OK.

  4. ^ First comment was just my opinion, all right?

    Anyway… I really don’t give a big deal about the college basketball league scene, even though I’m a green archer myself. I can say that they do feed my entertainment cravings, though. Even just for a while.

    I prefer wasting time honing my artistic skills than to watch a game where the team I cheer for would just lost. It’s sad that they do lose, though.

  5. Did you notice that everytime Ateneo beats La Salle, they lose the next game (or next couple of games). I feel they’re making a deal with the devil: We MUST beat LA SALLE so everyone at ADMU will worship us, despite the fact that we lost to NU!

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