I have this weird habit of chuckling whenever I hear the line “suportahan po natin ang pelikulang Pilipino” (let us support Filipino films) which has become sort of the cliche-ic tagline during film festivals. It began a long time ago when an actress said it on tv while promoting an R-rated film. I was 15 then and, already bastardly, I told my mom “I think we need to listen to her.

Ten years after and the film industry doesn’t seem to have improved – the stories are still generally stupid, the punchlines are still recycled, sometime during the film there will still be a musical number (usually at the beach), and best of all the police still arrives late. Now, the rational thinker that I am, I’d say the Filipino film rests mainly on intrigues to survive – because you definitely cant rely the on art. That is unless you watch Filipino indie films.

It’s sad that pinoy indie films rose after I had left the Philippines; and sadder that it doesn’t have an audience wide enough. I also wish there was an indie film blog in the net so I wouldn’t have to check out the indie section of Pep.ph all the time and puke myself in the process upon seeing articles involving Uma Khouny, Kim Chiu or what some careless actress had done this time.

For me, the audience should be more discerning with what they watch and be more conscious about indie Filipino films. I mean, if the actress of an R-rated film could call on everyone to be more charitable as to support her film, I think the more it applies to indie. Sure it may be artsy-fartsy, but it’s not like you’re watching opera.

Support indie Filipino films!

End notes:
Now if anybody out there knows where I can get good copies of indie films, can you please advise me. Photo ripped from here.


  1. I agree, the good Filipino films are on the indie side. And these indies are often neglected while the big budget movies are having their luxurious premier nights. Filipino movies really suck, and I mean really SUCK. They SUCK big time. You know when I see those screaming fans they keep showing on TV after a Tagalog movie…….”ang ganda GRABEH, the best talaga”. I get really irritated that I wish I have a machine gun so I can rush over there and gundown all of them. I really can’t understand these people. I mean look at all these movies they keep on turning out. It seems all their movie titles have the word LOVE on it. Can’t they make movies with subjects other than love? And the drama….shit it really makes me sick. Somebody’s always crying….EXCESSIVELY. They are actually making it look like the measure of an actor’s talent is based on how many buckets of tears he can pour out. The more tears you drop, the better an actor you are. This is madness. Ulit-ulitin ko na lang panoorin ang mga Mr. Bean movies keysa manood ng Tagalog na pelikula.

  2. haven’t been here quite a time, i don’t know why. i missed reading your posts. hehehe. as usual, they cheered me up. 😛

    and yes, i agree with you on the overused punchlines and plots. sinasabi nilang suportahan ang ating industriya ng pelikula, eh kung wala namang kalidad, eh bakit pa? if i could watch the same plots with better actors with better-looking faces that actually move, edi yun nalang diba? why would i waste my time on same plots with actors who probably took an acting seminar with mr. schwarzenegger (is that how you spell his surname?)??

    haaay nga naman. =))

    hehehehe. 😛

  3. It’s not like here in the US where anyone can pitch for a project.. If openness in resources were present in the Philippines (and backed by studios, of course) I dont see any reason why the film industry would become better.

    I think the current film industry is giving away too many favors and creating too many tight-knit circles with stupidly untalented people for the sake of driving the munnies into the bigger studios, (thus keeping it for themselves), while those who actually have talent are shun from what could’ve been a great gift to the filipino audience.

  4. indie films. pati ba naman ikaw? im surrounded by indies. LOLS. honestly, yeah.. i wonder why these indie films don’t get enough support from financiers and all that… the talent, the story, it’s all there. what’s missing??? ah but of course.. the spicy commercials. ROFL.

    my brother and i actually laid out a plot of an indie project that will make fun of the stereotyped filipino movies. it would have been fun. sadly.. i don’t think it got approved sa school nila. oh well..

  5. The last time I supported Filipino film was a few of years ago @ the Toronto International Film Festival. Kinda regretted that one instance… I saw a movie called “Evolution of a Filipino Family”. The director Lav Diaz attended and did a short Q & A with the audience (consisting of mostly 100+ very bored Filipinos in need of a bathroom break).

    A 10-hour grainy movie in need of editing.

    Toronto International Film Festival just ended recently on Sept. 16. There were 4 Filipino movies that screened. Didn’t see any of them, this time… I’m beginning to think the only Pinoy films that screen @ TIFF are ones with involving: gambling, prostitution, gay male strippers (Brillante Mendoza stuff), poverty/corruption.

  6. Indie films are good… the mainstream Filipino movies mostly cater to the jologs type anyway. My God, Kim Chiu?! Are you kidding me?! She’s not even pretty. *throws up all over the laptop* If ever indie films are shown in cinemas, I’m sure they won’t do good profit-wise. Most Filipinos don’t appreciate them anyway.

  7. Always a fan of indie films – most of the time they’re better than the mainstream. Maybe the storyline itself catches my attention.

    One thing I admire with Indie Filmmakers: their resourcefulness.

    Astig yung pic and the message!

  8. Tama! Sayang talaga at ngayon sila nag-boom. Gusto ko panuorin lahat ng palabas sa Cinemalaya ngayong taon pero walang pera. Endo lang tuloy napanuod ako.

    Nakakagulat nga kasi sa mga award-giving bodies dito sa Pinas, e halos lahat ng nominees ay galing sa indie films.

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