The title of the article was “So you want to make a hit movie?” by Nestor Torre written in the showbiz section of the Inquirer, a Philippine broadsheet that, like its western counterparts, syndicates its news through the web. I was reading the article from their website.

Now, whether that was a result of a looming news deadline or the spontaneity of typing sixty words per minute, I just found it too laughable not to react to. When you write something that goes in circles talking merely about hypothetics and concludes it with the same exact point you had made earlier, such article probably belongs to a blog.

It is these type of articles that almost instantly makes me credible to be a writer! Paolo Alcid. Ooh.. nice screen name! Lolz!

I must say though, complements for the title. It had all the things worthy of a catch – basically, intrigue and a question mark. And if I may side-step to another topic, do you know that a question mark could potentially save you from being sued …like a force-field. Here are some examples of statements saved by the question mark:

Jericho, Has-Been?
DJ Mo, Asshole?
Sharon, Fat?
Piolo, Straight?

Anyway, the author should probably thank me for even noticing. After reading that article ..I smirked, I shook my head, and I finally felt a want to pull my hair. It was then that I remembered, I had not written a post for today.. Hail Xenu!


  1. Haha! Baka nagmamadali yung writer gumawa ng article para lang maka-quota kaya nagkaganun! Hehe!.

    Sa newspaper biz kasi kapag hindi mo na-reach yung quota mo para sa isang araw, e you’re considered absent!

    (Long-time no internet ako! Marami-rami akong babasahin sa site mo hehe!)

  2. oo nga, di ko akalaing papansinin mo pa yung article na ganun.

    but in case, he’ll notice your article back, gusto ko lang sanang punahin in advance that the word “complement” & “compliment” are not synonymous and substitutable.

    pero mas safe kung ang post title mo ay lagyan mo na rin ng question mark sa dulo, para .. alam mo na … hindi maging assertive statement liable to being sued … like, “NT & A LOL ARTICLE?”

    in which, he might later reply you with, … “Paolo, a Bastard?”

    hey, it’s just me being hypothetic (without ‘s’) 😛 LOLZ

  3. @caranijuan
    And who said they were different? the dictionary? but the title wasn’t suable though.. it’s not like i called it stupid. just laugh out loud! lolz!

  4. Torre cant even get his facts straight these days. One time, he wrote about ANgel Locsin. Tapos nabanggit niya na sa Italy daw nagbakasyon si ANgel (pero sa London naman talaga). Kamusta naman yun major error na yun, diba? To think na super blown out of proportion ang Angel Locsin issue, pero nagkamali siya. Entertainment Editor pa man din! Naku!

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