Going down from 260 to 200 when your ideal weight is only 160 (at most) is quite an accomplishment. Though I would say, my ordeal is far from over. I once thought that I’d lose more weight two months ago thereby reaching my goal of 180 by November this year. That doesn’t seem to be possible anymore coz I think I plateaued and I’m still up 200 at this point. So now I’m angry that I feel the need to blog it therapy.

So I’ve been reading all this weight loss nonsense (which I’ve read countless times before) about how to lose weight effectively. Calorie Counter said that if I only lost 1-2 pounds every week, that I’ll be 150 by July 8, 2008. Now, what the fuck kind of recommendation is that? Are you telling me that I need to be on diet for a whole year before your website would consider me “healthy?”

Aw hell no..

I already lost close to 60 pounds since September of last year, why the heck should I endure more salad, tofu, and those green tea that’s supposed to boost my metabolism! Shet!

So I came to conclusion on how I could effectively lose weight. First was that I should treat myself as an enemy – starve Me to death, and tell Me to start running more than 400 calories/day with Rocky ..the treadmill. I am also seriously considering donating my liver, which weighs about 3 lbs., and both my kidney, which probably weighs more due to stones. And if man only actually uses 10% of his brain, maybe I could donate that too. I am also seriously considering chopping 3 fingers on each hand and foot. All for the sake of losing 20 more lbs.

Think about it.. it might actually work. How about an eye? Or maybe I should just enjoy some Steak and forget these even happened.

5 thoughts on “PAOLO’S WEIGHT LOSS TIP

  1. Wow, you’ve lost 60 pounds na?? Congrats!! As for the rest..well…if you’ve been able to lose that much already, I’m sure you can lose some more!! Good luck!!

  2. A post about gaining weight would be cool for me since I am underweight. Lol.

    Kidding aside, it’s a feat that you have lost a good amount of weight unlike my friend whose physique is most likely strong enough to beat a sumo wrestler in his own game. 😛

  3. I have the same problem … well kinda … with muscle being heavier than fat, my weight also plateaued even though I’m seeing improvement everywhere.

    Now I’m trying a diet of eating more in frequency, but with the same volume of food intake. They say it helps boost metabolism instead of eating less at long time intervals, which makes it slower.

    Hope you succeed in your task … don’t chop too many fingers over it ;P

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