My open mindedness attracts and then repulses conservatives; people who live in boxes. Oh I’ve had my share of criticisms but those who hate me has opted not to speak of it. Cowards! They know I’m far too dim-wittedly smart for their totalitarian universe. I oblige myself to offending as many people as possible for in the end I become famous.

But you are not so different. You crave for controversy so you could ride on it, get you that dreaded slice of the Google Adsense pie that everybody wants. You resort to name calling, bashing, name dropping, war mongering, etc. We only differ in the way we conduct our evil plots. I have been trained by the experts – Simon Cowell, Lex Luthor, Magneto, Don Corleone, Hannibal Lecter, Cherry Gil – I’m smart, classy, evil.

I had previously called anonymity as cowardice because it prompts a one-sided conversation. I do not patronize such things because, really, isn’t it stupid to argue with a shadow? My acerbic wit makes me want to erase them.. this way, tomorrow, when they come back, it’s no longer there! The joke goes back to them and they feel a lack of purpose.

Jigs had a good illustration for this. People who crave for argument go from blog to blog searching for it and I’m the type who’d say “you’re right!” and then I’ll walk away. The person would have to go “but..but..but.. I still have something to say!”

Some blogs prefer the double sided fame – you link me I link you, you talk about me I talk about you, you comment I follow. I do not like it! For me fame should be earned, not given especially out of gratitude. Good enough that nobody expects such things; if there’s anything you should know about the pinoy blogging culture, it’s that there’s no such thing!

Coz, really, isn’t the blogs about un-ethics and im-morals? A pit of snakes, opinionated ones at that, who for the sake of dinner would gobble up anything. I’d rather tell you to live with it or lurk higher on the food chain and feast on their opinions for yourselves. There’s nothing better than mocking an arrogant opinion! Oooh.. brain! Yumm!


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