When I first came up with this poll I didn’t know it’d be overly exaggerated. The cool people behind the blogs kinda liked the way it sounded I guess. After 5 days and 63 entries, we now have the winners of the Pinoy Evil Blog Awards:

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog by Reflective Thinking
most controversial blog

Marco, the site guy and Mike Villar, sidekick
evil blog of the year

Harsh Poetic Chaos
philosophical bastard award for machiavellian theories

coolest pinoy video blogger

hot hot hot as jalapeno pinoy blogger award

Jessica Zafra
most kick ass writer of the year

I’m no Beauty So Dont Expect me to be
Sagot! Sagot! Supot!
best blog rant of the year

Saging Lang Ang May Puso
crackhead video award

Batang Yagit
boy bastos writing award
poop award


  1. Wow, thanks! What an honor! Now there’s no doubting my evilness! Bwahahaha!

    And so my entry is tied with Rens’. My Multiply fiance must have pulled some strings. Never to worry though, I will destroy him on Saturday. Bwahahaha!


  2. wow! CONGRATS TO ALL THE EVIL WINNERS! LOLs! no poop award for me??? you could’ve given out three poops! ahahaha! well, at least more than half (i think) of my choices won. cool!

  3. bwahahaha!!! astigGGG!! san na yung prize ng mga winners?? bwahahahaha!!! 😛 galing pasok si Batang Yagit!! HurraYYYY!!

  4. My congratulations to all the winners.

    But wait…. I didn’t get the Poop Award? Unfair! I’ve been cheated! I demand a recount! Damn you Garci!!!

    Oh well, at least Jigs didn’t get the Poop Award either.

  5. I checked when the polls were still up… and saw the final results. I placed 2nd to Jessica Zafra in “Most Kickass Writer of the Year”. Just 2 votes behind! Whoohoo! Cool.

    Now, I’m wishing I’d written a post to campaign for it. (I briefly put up a link in my last post… then deleted it, for fear that I was tiring out my readers from voting for me in popularity contests, hehe.) Damn, maybe I shouldn’t have deleted it, haha.

  6. Congratulations to the Evil Pack! Some are actually not familiar so I would still have to check their sites. I’m quite sure I’d like what I’ll see.

  7. Runner-up lang ako sa dalawang categories, ibig sabihin hindi pa laganap ang aking kademonyohan.

    congrats sa mga nagwagi… ngayon dedemonyohin ko na lang silang manlibre!

  8. @exene
    ah the poop award.. the one Joyfulchicken and Jigs fought over for. it’s the award you get for participating 😛

  9. I won??? I mean… I WON! BWAHAHAHA! Is there no one else who can match my evil?!

    Is there no one else!?!

    Anyway, before anyone gets a chance to answer that question, a big congratulations to all the winners!

    But, unfortunately, the best award has slipped through the “crack” and into the unsuspecting hands of another…Thank God it wasn’t the hands, or more appropriately, the wings of the dreadful, I mean, joyful chicken!


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