The disgusting politicized aura that recently transformed the Philippine blogosphere into a lynch mob had forced me on a quest to find an oasis. I mean, if every other post you see talks about the same things, you kinda get fed up. Sure, I’ve scoured our blogs for recent cool posts – MLQ3 on Ramon Magsaysay, the ChickenMafia on Scientology – but you just cant get out of this hellbent vibe!

Credibility, didn’t it previously come with credentials? Where everybody has freedom of speech, did you even separate the crazy from the credible? Coz if you did, it sure would’ve been a very boring topic. Who’s more stupid, the 18 year old who made a nicely written, nicely designed blog that pushes the limits or the 45 year old who was duped to taking his stand just because his batchmates did so? Fine let’s all be Howard Stern’s here, hail all forms of political incorrectness.

We’ve all conspired to a point where everyone has taken sides and have impugned it in their heads that they are right; negating rationality because they were part of a bold, strong force sweeping the medium. A force that will sooner or later pit them against each other. Ha! Already some of those who kissed asses are washing their hands.

Accountability, is it not a necessary prerequisite (to credibility)? You cloak yourselves in anonymity because it protects you while you bash; it’s also cowardly. You crave for arguments only because you have the power to make it a one-sided conversation. The opportunist who gives you a voice actually finds usefulness in those remarks; it expands his reach.

I had once asked people to look at themselves before making remarks, I now find this to be unproductive. The blogging culture feeds on controversy; it makes them fat and filthy! Couple that with pinoys acting like pinoys and …reactioneers froth – bred to debate because it makes them feel good about themselves – a form of Narcissism which I find no use for. Where opinion is personal, what gives you the right to change it?

I cannot preach about morals and ethics, no one is entitled to, neither am I for censorship or responsible blogging for it beats the purpose of this medium. However, before diving into a pit of snakes, I will ask you (..worthlessly) to separate fiction from fact, propaganda from opinion, crazy from credible. I once thought of you as learned men who knew what was proper. Surely, not a lot of you find enough use for your brain.

End notes:
I will be happier tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “POLITIKO

  1. akala ko forum uli e, welcome back paolo.

    about your “rant”, if that’s the proper word for this, i quote your last line saying …

    “Surely, not a lot of you find enough use for your brain.”

    then i remembered the legend of the 10 percent use of our brains.

    gee! many people are still thinking that the remaining 90 percent of their brains are practically inactive and unusable for the rest of their lives.

    what’s that? suspended potential?

  2. Very well written. I can so relate to your views about credibility and anonymity.

    So many bloggers cut and paste and do not even bother to link their source to the blog. It is so frustrating.

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