If you are one of the following – Andianka, Chocomanik, Joyfulchicken, Pinoyblogero and HarshPoeticChaoes – you might be able to get an invitation from me (through your mails) to this website called BlogRush. The filipino that I am, I have this insane craving for networking Gollum finding the “One Ring!”

That link to blogrush, btw, goes to my account which means if you sign up using that link, you are automatically under me. Oh how honest I am.. Lolz!

If you do not yet know, the blogosphere has had quite a buzz about this blogrush thing. The bloggers that we are, I think it’s fine to explore every opportunity out there to make readers. Blog Rush has this promise as explained by the sooper dooper cool video which made me go “hey I want that on my site!” Here check it:

Sounds like a blog pyramiding scam huh!? I stopped at the middle of the video and thought “I’ve heard that before! In ..uhm ..a First Quadrant presentation!” Lolz! Except that this one doesn’t really hurt your pocket and ego. But why find an excuse not to join. The site’s promise remain to be a promise until it is realized, I just want one more reader.

In the meantime, I’ll see if it just shows humor blogs…

2 thoughts on “RUSHING TO BLOGRUSH

  1. “If you do not yet know, the blogosphere has had quite a buzz about this blogrush thing.”

    Really? What buzz? I’ve never heard of it before. But I signed up anyway. Yay for conformity.

  2. It does really look like some sort of pyramiding scam! Haha!

    I remembered First Quadrant, my aunt used to be an agent (yun ba tawag dun?).

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