I did say once that I was making some munnies online.. though in a land where the median annual earning is about $70K, making eight hundred bucks a month wouldn’t be anywhere near impressive. But the Philippines is a different case – 40K pesos, though not much, have the capacity to snap heads and say “where’d he get that?”

I had once envisioned the pinoy blogosphere to be as strong as its western counterpart. This called for several things in the blogging community – the rise of niche blogs, the spread of information and that it could be a source of income, the need for a good directory, etc.

How that would happen, I don’t know. But already my efforts in convincing people “to blog” have failed. I could never even seem to make a conversation out of it until I talk about the income potential which, you should know by now, is not really the type of conversation I wanna be in because I dont patronize problogging scumbags. (of course, that’s just me.. coz I have freedom of speech.)

Even when I do talk about the income potential of blogging, most responses I get tend to be about it being unreal. I’ve also encountered people who tell me they don’t trust the internet enough to give personal information. Then there are those who say that nothing could be as easy as making money from a click; and it’s too good to be true hence, they say, it must be too good to be true.

Now I feel like the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” in reverse – that as so many have been exposed to scams and false advertising, here I come telling them of something real and they think I’m phony. One message, the one I was referring to when I said “I think you owe me to come to your parties because I could always do something more productive” told me yesterday to cut the crap on content and just talk about making money.

Ooohh.. feisty! Someone must be broke!

So here I come, the philosophical bastard that I am, swallowing the bitter pill that everybody enjoys and talking about the Google promise. I’m devoting the rest of the month (as inspired by Joyfulchicken’s scientology week). I should warn you though if you even plan to get informed by this series… Bwahahahahahaha!

Tell the whole world people.. laglagan na to!


  1. I couldn’t agree more buddy. Although I only earn £30k/month ($60k roughly) basic for 37.5 hrs/week and still get 7 weeks holiday + sick leave and flexible working hours. I don’t think i blog for the money. perhaps a bit more for fame lol. But saying that, i still get thrilled when i see a few pounds in my account

  2. That’s nothing. I’m going to get millions of dollars from a Nigerian friend. All I have to do is help him transfer some funds. That’s so much easier than blogging. Yay!

  3. Make more munnie online. Hmmm, is it better than my usual pambubugaw every Saturday night? Mwahahaha.

    Looking forward to the series. 🙂

  4. earning money while blogging can is sure one great gig… but if its the only motivation its hard to think that it would actually pay-off. One must have the heart first to write…

    or a nigerian friend haha galeng naman ni joyfulchicken…

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