DAY 1. Get acquainted with the Top Filipino Blogs.

Now that you know blogs could earn you millions and millions and millions of pesos, I know for a fact that, as you try to learn the blogging ropes, you would somehow go out and check some of the best pinoy blogs in the web. Well, since I am such a nice guy I’d like to list them down for you.

The Philosophical Bastard is the best pinoy blog! Yay for shameless self promotion! Though, the ones below would be a better start-up list. They are the ones I follow regularly. I even link them once a month, often thrice! =P

That’s as good as it can get! Acquaint yourselves with those and the ones who comment here. Skip the rest, you wont need them. I swear!

Tomorrow’s topic: The Culture of the Pinoy Blogosphere.. and the lack of it! Lolz!


  1. yeah, these are col blogs. I visit them regularly. I even linked them to mine kahit na walang link ex kasi I read them naman.. KEWL

  2. Question: When are you moving to the dark side aka WordPress?!?! Haha.

    Thanks for the link love 😉 I follow some of these blogs too (most being in my Google Reader including yours), but the ones I don’t, I’ll start following because you’re a cool blogger and we go way back during your “kuazee” days and and and you’re the philosophical bastard! Hahaha 😛

  3. “Skip the rest, you wont need them. I swear!”

    I can actually feel your conviction in the “I swear” part! LOLZHEIMER’S!

  4. @juice & poli
    i’m still saving coins in my piggy bank. ’til then, i can’t really transfer to wordpress. hehe

    well, the fact that this series is written to persuade my friends to blog called for certain sweeping generalizations lest they find themselves in those power-grabbing blogs of recent. =P

    orgy! where!?

    i’m sure the others i’ve linked wont mind either! lolz!

  5. Make Munnies Online. Brilliantly subversive.

    Me, I’m thinking of changing my tag line to: “Make Bunnies Online”. See, catchy? Evil demonic bunnies that multiply and spread their evil.

    Thanks for the link love. Damn, you do realize I’m now going to have to cut my hiatus short and thank you? :p Ah, but I’m so in love with being offline these days.

  6. Oooh! Thanks for the shout out! I lurk around most of the blogs you mentioned. Maybe I’ll visit those I’ve never step foot on before!

  7. zomg, is that my name there?? and i thought you was just kidding!! heeee, thanks paolo for the link love!

    moving to wordpress also crossed my mind once…ok, twice.

  8. you know what else is good about being on this list.. people actually look for “best pinoy blogs” “top filipino blogs” on google.. hehehe!

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