In the Philippines there’s no such thing as “she’s a bitch” (or actually, its tagalog translation) as it is considered downright degrading almost to the point of becoming taboo. For women to be scorned with such remarks, for whatever reason, would turn heads in surprise and get mainly a reaction of disgust if not anger. So what’s the deal with Michelle Malkin?

I know for a fact that she’s controversial (and maybe a bit New Yorker) but, really, just because she’s with Bill O’Reilly doesn’t mean she’s also impugning worthless facts in her head. And while I’m not into American politics, I can say, after watching her videos and dropping by her blog, that she’s just being very partisan about things. I mean, democrats will defend democrats and republicans will do the same. Michelle’s just being republican.

I may not agree with her stand on things. Frankly, some may be a little bit weird, even phony. Let’s face it, certain things that are obviously going wrong – the war on terror, the quality of education, the weakening economy, inflation, real estate, etc. These are things that have to be met and the government doesn’t seem to be doing alot about it. At least that’s what I think (coz I have freedom of speech).

I dont think she’s ever gonna catch this blog but for the Fil-Ams that do, whether you’re republican or democrat, you’re all still Americans (and maybe still quite Filipino). You probably shouldn’t let political parties get in the way of what your duty to your country is, which reminds me of a quote by Manuel L. Quezon, president of the Philippine Commonwealth, he’s the dude who said:

“My loyalty to my party ends
where my loyalty to the country begins.”

Aint I sweet today… very humanitarian!


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