If you’ve ever been active with the western blogosphere, you’ll find people who actually make tons of money from the internet which until recently have not been available to Filipinos. Ah, but time is a changing.. for those who are doing their research, here are 5 cool ways pinoys can earn from the internet.

1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are those that make you tons by referring their sites. This often entails you to just put a link in your site and forget about it. Some of them dont allow you to promote them (which I think is a misnomer. I mean, they’re in your site), so yeah, be sure to read Terms and Conditions for such programs.

2. Ad serving sites

If you’re new to blogging or web publishing, there are only two classifications of ad serving sites – there’s Google Adsense and then there’s the Wannabes! I think that’s pretty self explanatory. You see, I’ve applied to other ad serving sites in the past and I noticed that the highest clicks still come from Google Adsense. This means they pay you the most so why bother with others.

For Filipinos, Google now allows you to get your money from Western Union which means you save time, risk (of stolen checks) and, to the frugal, the $24 courier charge.

3. Paid Advertising
I have only recently tried it, and I think it has good potential. It’s on its way to beating my Google Adsense income which I can say is a huge thing. That’s even with a pagerank of 0 and an obsolete Alexa rank. If you have higher ranking than I do, you can definitely make more. I made 40 bucks in my first week at PayPerPost.

Btw, to all you cool pipol in the Philippines, most paid advertising sites pay via PayPal so you might want to open an account with them first. Lest you do not know, they are already available in the Philippines which is like.. Yay!

4. Ebay/Export
I’m not sure if the Philippines is ready to actively participate in the “global economy” but Paypal’s approval really makes a huge difference in the way you conduct business in the net. It makes you trustworthy. Already my parents and I are interested in selling personalized shirts online just because the cost of materials, if taken from the Philippines is so much cheaper than out here. Plus there’s that known fact that people in overpaid, over-sexed countries like buying child labor products. (that’s so politically incorrect!)

FYI. The best way to start a home business here is to get a 1-800 number, a paypal account and all that stupid stuff in your garage or attic that you wished you had thrown (start with old books, I made good money off of those). There’s UPS and DHL in the Philippines which offer worldwide shipping at a fraction of FedEx’s cost. I dont require you to use the Philippine mailing system. It’s soooo telegramatically slow.

5. The Geeky Stuffs
I’m calling number 5 “The Geeky Stuffs” because it’s not something I can do – create websites, design logos, resell domain and hosting, be an SEO consultant. You know, those things normal people cant do. Hehehe.. kidding!

Well to sum it up. I just wanted to tell you guys how the recent developments of the Philippine webby world could help you guys thicken up your pockets. Plus I’m gigolotic.. I like sharing the love.

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