Everyday we are reminded of how short life is – an explosion in Makati, death in a fraternity, war on terror etc. Oh life! It must’ve perhaps been the biggest burden of man to make the wisest use of it. He creates a legacy.. and for it he is looked upon by generations to speculate “he must’ve lived a full life.”

That day hasn’t come for me but I do expect it to come soon. A day when death will fill the corners of my home and finally I should come to face a loss. It would be selfish to wish it on me before any other, but for life’s sake it would probably be the happiest time of my life (or my non-life) when I should come to face death. For I have lived a full life; not one that could inspire generations but certainly one that’s compelling.

I dont view death as a new beginning; life should have a period of its own. Imagine how wasteful it would be for you to live forever and what dream would you else have once you’ve reached perfection? Sure eternal suffering would be ..uhm ..yikes! But eternal perfection could be just as damning. My religion does not permit me to give up eternity.. for some reason the one who created me has made it compulsory. I would’ve preferred vanishing into compost to help mother nature fuck up a whole new bunch of individuals. I’m caring like this.

So what for my death wish? I know you probably expect me to call on everyone to wear white and prepare a good meal for everyone while posting my pictures around so people could celebrate my passing…

But no.

I’d like my coffin to be shaped like a rocket ship but I do not want to be blasted into space lest I be caught and resurrected by wicked martians in some icy planet where everyone is green and somehow nobody has a vagina. I just want a good statement to tell everyone that I’d be going to my Yellow Midnight ( plus, cool points for the dead guy).

Then again, I wont mind if my death wish isnt met …so long as nobody plays mahjong, tong-its or pusoy dos during my wake and I probably wont haunt anyone.

3 thoughts on “DEATH WISH

  1. hmmm…
    what a morbid entry…

    but i feel exactly the same… i just wish that nobody would play majhong and stuff during my wake… i would like lots of singing and music… siguro jamming session ang mga apo ko. hehehe

    oh well, that’s a long way off… i know im not dying soon coz im ‘masamang damo’.
    siguro ikaw good boy… sobrang bait, malapit ka na kunin ni Lord.. :p

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