The opinions have been voiced, the apology has been stated. An admittance of the flaw which I felt was a bit insincere. For the level of insult hurled at Filipino medical practitioners, it was as if the apology was written on a napkin over coffee and said.. “Here’s your apology! Now shut up!”

C’mon! You insulted Filipinos in front of the viewing public, dont you think your apology should be directed to the same crowd (and not just to the Filipino viewers)? If you have a problem understanding that, here are some suggestions:

1. Make Teri Hatcher eat balut or isaw.
My idea for the episode ..Teri Hatcher is scared of Menopause and the loss of sexual drive. She goes eating those Asian delicacies that are supposed to be aphrodisiacs – balut, which is that fertilized duck egg once eaten in Fear Factor, and isaw, which is grilled pork intestines.

2. Make the cast dance the Tinikling
Our national dance is so sadistic; you have to put your arms behind your back like you were a prisoner and then step inside snapping bamboo poles, avoiding them as they clasped. And because it is dance, you have to do it graciously. I wonder if the Housewives can do this.

3. Create a Filipino themed episode.
How about this: A nurse overhears Teri Hatcher make a racial remark against Filipinos and confronts her. She apologizes and befriends the nurse. The nurse invites her to a Filipino festival and Teri goes along with her friends. There they are exposed to karaoke, rice cookers in shapes and sizes you didn’t even knew existed, all the fish and veggies you can eat, and of course lumpia.

4. Get a Filipino actor to guest on the series
If ABC really wants to pacify the Filipino anger, I think getting a renowned Filipino actor to guest on the show for a couple of episodes would certainly ease the rage. The question is who? Lea Salonga would be the unanimous choice, Regine Velasquez too. But for the sake of the show, I think ABC should get one of those hot guys the girls are always after. And oh! Give him a role in the medical field.. like a gynecologist or something.

5. Send the Desperate Housewives cast to the Philippines
Very self-explanatory. Good for PR!

final thought: Let’s face it, somewhere down the line, it is almost certain that Americans will be taken cared of, in one way or another, by a Filipino. That can come in the form of doctor, nurse, caregiver, pharmacist, physical therapist, herbal doctor, voodoo specialist and the likes. Our hospitality extends far out our home and that’s why I think the Desperate Housewives owe us more than an apology.

Or else, no more lumpia for you.

End notes:
For a more of what happened (and opinions), check Frances Doplon and Tess Termulo


  1. Those are great! Seriously, they should be made to eat their words. I cannot believe they were that insensitive! Just a verbal apology is not enough – they must do something more.

  2. The solution here is easy. They just have to insult every other country like Conan did. Equal treatment for all… yay!

  3. fuck desperate housewives.

    those hysteria lane skanks.

    but i still like the show. i like watching those skanks act all skanky.

  4. What happened was unfair but the real fault lies with the Filipino commercial review centers and govt regulators in cahoots with them when the nursing exam leak scandal broke. They are ones who so damaged the reputation of our OFW nurses that prejudiced and ignorant things like this enter even entertainment shows. We can blame ABC all we want, but another such leak or some other scandal exposing the rotten system that we do have over here, could explode since nothing was actually done last year about the leak. Govt vacillated, hemmed and hawed then did nothing.

    One more thing, we do have a log in our own eye. It’s called Miriam Defensor Santiago.

  5. The comment was definitely insulting. However, I don’t understand why some people demand apology from Teri Hatcher–she just read the lines.

    Pero natawa talaga ako lalo na dun sa balut. Ang naiisip ko e Fear Factor: Desperate Housewives special! Hehe!

  6. I don’t know why I’m not as offended as you guys are. Maybe because I’ve been watching too much TV and I don’t know how to take them seriously anymore.

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