Lydia was filled with vengeance at the sight of Maria’s captors – an army of ruthless pillagers that ravaged her city and left it ruins. It’s devastated residents were left in horror, and without safe refuge, forced to flee the land. Lydia would’ve gone the earliest if only she could find her child.

Bravely, Lydia wandered throughout the city looking for her, shredding pieces of her sanity with every disappointing turn. Ah! But what luck. Just as the last of hopes had withered, Lydia looked down the road and found the culprit.

Hopeful, Lydia looked back at the fleeing residents and asked them for help, exclaiming she’d found Maria’s kidnapper. She begged them and pleaded upon her life and the life of her child to stand up against the pillagers, but her exasperation would elicit no response ..for everyone was running away. Lydia called out again and again, stopping anyone she saw, bowing to her knees, straggling them to join her discourse. Still, nothing.

Twas hence that dread consumed the woman’s being, her eyes filled with hate and disgust. She screamed at the fleeing men of how wrong they were for leaving, and singled out some who said Maria was gone. She rebuked them and called them names – freaks, pigs, demons. Lydia taunted them for running away from danger, cursing them, laughing at them, calling them cowards and weaklings.

Then, Lydia wept.

But alas arrived a bike, with it her neighbor Paul who too was getting out of harms way. Passing by the maddening woman. He tried the hardest to get her out of harms way, shaking sanity back to her, strangling her out of the path, and reminding her that Maria was whipped to her death in the morning when a tornado hit the land.

Lydia wouldn’t budge. She drove Paul away with grave ferocity even as her eyes knew the truth of his claims. And then she turned towards the twister. Picking up a block chipped from the onslaught that previously destroyed her town, She demanded the twister release Maria lest be struck by a mother’s dearth of her daughter’s arms.

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