So I’ve got Gastroenteritis right (aka stomach ache)?! And I just hate it when people point to me and talk me down with all the things I’m not doing and blame me as if I’ve had it coming all along. Like the one whom I revealed my condition to and answered me back with “Ikaw kasi eh, hindi ka kumakain ng gulay

Ok. First of all, can I check those diplomas coz I wanna make sure they’re not from some med school in the Philippines?! I mean, just coz steak is my favorite dish doesn’t mean I ask to get a stomach ache. Plus don’t vegetarians fart more..

But the bigger issue is: Do I really have to listen to everyone who has a suggestion about my life? Look, if I wanted a life coach I’d prefer going to my parents. At least they brought me into this world.

Anyway, I am now resolved to answer “I’m ok!” to anymore yayas who ask me how I’m doing to prevent these conversations from coming up.

3 thoughts on “FOR SOME REASON…

  1. eto challenge–
    try video blogging
    while brushing your teeth.
    siyempre may sasabihin ka pa rin.

    next time kumain ka ng gulay.

  2. i was going to tell you to eat your veggies but xienahgirl beat me to it…

    oh well, thanks for greeting me… it didnt sound like a bday greeting so i thought you were totally ignoring my subtle hints (:p) about it being my bday…

    i know we should chat. i am totally out of the zone here. i struggle to blog… but im constantly online sa friendster. dont worry about mark james, he has started to become like other guys which means he barely emails me now that we have something like a mutual understanding… so… ayun.

    oh well, i miss you pao.

  3. Can’t see the video :-/

    I don’t know if vegetarians fart more, but it’s plausible. Cows eat grass and they fart a lot.

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