Watched 3 movies over the weekend – Elizabeth, The Kingdom and Into the Wild. All of them are backed with huge names so I thought “what the heck,” movie hop!

I regret to tell you though, only The Kingdom was worth it. Elizabeth was so damn boring and Into the Wild was sooo Coconuter except the guy did not blog and he was truly living on his own survival. Oh.. and he died too.

2 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEWS

  1. Hmm… I didn’t know that they had collagen lip injections back in the 14th century. Oh well, you learn something new everyday.

  2. Elizabeth, the sequel was so uneven and paled in comparison to the first movie. The only thing good about it was Blanchett, costumes and scenery.

    I saw it last September (before it’s official wide release date) at the Toronto International Film Festival where the actual director introduced the film and did a 15 minute Q & A with the audience. I can’t believe I paid $40 Canadian for that. I should’ve gone to the first screening (sigh) where Cate Blanchett actually attended.

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