Yesterday, as I went to work, my ears were treated to their first Christmas song this year. But along with that caroling sound came riveting visions of how costly my gifts will be – my mom wants a paper shredder coz the old one got broken, the Ipod dock I gave my younger bro last month doesn’t have a charger, and I wanted this weird golf cap for some reason.

And then I caught, a site that offers FREE coupons, online coupons and coupon codes which basically means discounts to those various shops from which I could get my shopping done, and for a cheaper price! Me thinks I should get the shredder and Ipod dock with those Best Buy coupon codes from the site. And while I’m at it, I’ll be checking Target coupons as well for my cap.

If you ask me, I say cheaper is always good! Yay. I love coupons!

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