Pinoy Big Brother Psycho Problem

I was supposed to update my PBB Celebrity Edition coverage every three days coz, let’s face it, I’m already a day late in catching and all I can do is make a recap. But it would’ve been obsolete for me to tell you who else came into the house three days from now, right?! So let me complete the list I did previously:

11. Gaby de la Merced – She’s a race car driver. Must be the reason for the kargador aura.
12. Zara Aldana – Ah! Another reason to watch the show (besides Riza Santos and Toni Gonzaga), they tagged her with the “poor beauty queen” title which surprisingly isn’t offensive. You call Ruben Gonzaga poor and people are gonna shout political incorrectness!
13. Macoy Fundales – Why does ABSCBN love this guy so much?

Now Let me give you a puzzle

Q: Who is the killer and why was the motive?

A woman was at the funeral of her own mother and met a guy whom she did not know. The guy was an eye-catcher, handsome and smart. The woman and the man never got to know each other when a few days later the woman’s sister was killed.

Clue: For additional clues you might want to watch the first 4 minutes of the video featuring Vicky, Gaby and Will to find out. You might also wanna tell me who’s creepie among them. I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow

6 thoughts on “Pinoy Big Brother Psycho Problem

  1. this puzzle was passed to me by a friend via text msg last year… this is something like a psychological situation asked by some shriek to determine if the patient is a probable killer or not… im not sure though.. hehehe.. just dropping by…

  2. @poli and boredmate
    yes. it is a test to know if you have the mind of a serial killer. other people would have said that the man was the murderer.

  3. last year ko pa nasagot ‘yang same question from SMS, and my friend replied i’m a potential serial-killer?!!


    susme, ang bilis pa nga ng sagot ko nun e, akala ko may prize.

    tsaka, ‘yan lang naman agad ang obvious answer dba? just like what @poli said.

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