After last seasons success which made us follow Bea’s maniacal laugh, Gee-ann’s eyelashes, Bodie’s gayness and Wendy’s wicked antics, yet another group has gone into “Kuya’s home” for two months of drama in this seasons Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 (PBB Philippines). Seriously though, isn’t the show just a way of the network to throw half-naked people into the mainstream?

Days before it began, I was already thinking of covering the show from start to finish the same way I did the Ateneo/Lasalle rivalry in UAAP. However after the names of the new housemates for this season were revealed, I felt a bit uneasy with my plan.

Ang Mga Tao sa Loob ng Bahay ni Kumag

  1. Baron Geisler – my first reason to be appalled with the show. I know this guy has gone through alot in life and the PBB staff always has a place for that bad-boy-gone-good housemate. But c’mon, you could’ve at least chosen someone whom people could be sympathetic about.
  2. Donald Geisler – Baron’s brother, taekwondo champ, kinda tall, big eyes, big ears, nuff said.
  3. Riza Santos – my only other reason to watch the show (aside form Toni Gonzaga, of course). She declared herself to be a virgin which I totally dont believe but we’ll see how long she stays on her pageant-like stance. I like the fact that she sits straight all the time.
  4. Victor Basa – I don’t know much about this guy but a fellow blogger showed me a picture of him once and I must agree, he is probably this season’s Rustom Padilla.
  5. Ruben Gonzaga – ang nawawalang kapatid ni Toni Gonzaga?!
  6. Marylaine Viernes – one of the 26K girls. Question is, what the fuck is a 26K girl?
  7. Jen Da Silva – another one of the 26K girls. Question is, why are they even called 26K girls?
  8. Maegan Young – over-acting!
  9. Will Devaughn – nice name recall but hard to spell. I kinda like that there’s someone speaking english in the house well enough without adding “pare” after every phrase (coz that’s Baron Geisler). Anyway, this dude cried on the first night. Good plan!
  10. Yayo Aguila – I wonder if she’s gonna be in those bathing suits.. eww.

Wanna watch it? No? Kthxbye!
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

16 thoughts on “SA LOOB NG BAHAY NI KUMAG

  1. I always end up hating myself after watching PBB. Suggestions: Will D and Victor B should walk around shirtless and those girls from deal or no deal should be in bikini tops constantly. What’s with the robe Will? Take it off!

  2. 26K is the collective term for the chicks who carry the briefcases in Deal or No Deal.

    Do you know Ethel Booba? It’s a shame she backed-out. I’ll watch PBB if she changes her mind.

    The house needs some comedy. What’s up with ABS filling up the house with boring models?

    Ethel Booba’s jugs have more personality than all of the models combined.

  3. hahaha… nice comments!

    fact: 26K girls are really 28! check out their website –>

    about victor basa thingie… you felt that right!!! there’s a rumor here that vicky is gay! hahhaha

    too bad ethel booba backed out! she will daw her BF! wtf?

    and yayo… oi, i am betting for her to win! hahahha

  4. i feel bad for will. if he wanted to be like imprisoned in a house he could’ve just called me! he could have just lived in my house, i won’t let him out promise. and i can has voice like koya if he wants me to! sucks.

  5. do i really mind seeing will devaughn, riza santos and victor basa get naked on mainstream TV? no. i just hope they (“kuya” and his jerk station) don’t make them do super corny things.

  6. @pat
    riza santos is hot! and for some reason yayo aguila is prettier than the two other 26K girls.. why are they even there?

  7. What an entrance by the taekwondude, its good to see donnie inside, i hope he can win this thing..THE GOOD BROTHER!

  8. it was really a bunch of nobodys and wannabes at the start but with mariel’s inclusion and ethel booba’s entrance yesterday, it’s going to be an interesting aquarium to watch. he he.

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