San Francisco, California. In a town full of Filipino and Mexican migrant workers, the Pacquiao-Barrera fight seems to be the only talk out here. Below is my own take at Saturday’s game.

before the fight – Manny is practicing for his interview after winning. Making sure he doesn’t forget to thank ‘Madam President’ and Mr. Lito Atienza. Lolz!

after 10 minutes – Pacquiao is on the ring, confident of his chances. He looks mighty proud onto the flag as the anthem is sung. In the Philippines, everyone’s fingers are crossed in hopes it’d be at least sung in completion.

Round 1 – Manny strolls around, taking relaxed, easy, long strides on the ring, dancing and swaying. He’s done this several times before. Barrera doesn’t scare him. As far as I’m concerned the Mexican fighter will only be good for the first 3 rounds before age catches up. (Barrera is 33, Pacquiao is 28)

Round 2 – Barrera falls once. An hour later, the feed finally arrives in Megamall and a whole slew of Pacquiao supporters scream like hell. Elsewhere in the world the game is already finished and those who caught my instant message starts betting huge amounts of money. Bad!

Round 3 – Finally Manny is angry. But you don’t notice it coz the expression on his face is the same all the time (you know, like, Franklin Drilon …monotonous). He actually looks scarier when he’s smiling. Anyway, by this time, Barrera is in for a good Haduken-Shoryuken-Berzerker-Barage.

Round 4 – The game is over. Barrera realizes he’s old and folds to a triumphant Pacquiao. On ringside politicians are fixing appointments with The People’s Champ, making sure they rub elbows with him for the sake of a photo op.

Round 5 – If it’s not over yet, it will be over soon. Manny will still be the champion and he will get a new San Miguel commercial. One that doesn’t put him behind a tumbling Jet Li.

So yeah, a four-five round prediction for Manny is what I have in mind… although a longer game will still benefit the champ. If Manny loses.. it will be devastating. But i’m gonna laugh (mostly at politicians).


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