Walking the Abbey Road has always been a dream of mine. Where that place is remains to be researched, but I believe it’s in LA (which is about 7 hours away). One of the many things I had wanted to do before dying, a concept tackled by that movie The Bucket List. (trailer at the end of the post)

Below are some of the other things I wanna do before kicking the bucket. None of them remains to be impossible. What’s yours?

1. I wanted to sleep in a tree house.

2. The oddest things in my wish list includes a samurai, a pair of jordan 9 shoes, a miniature galleon, the complete impel marvel series 1 collection. I am yet to buy any of them.

3. I wanted to learn to ride a bike, swim, play the guitar, play tennis, croquet, and photography.

4. I wanted to write a bestseller and maybe write, direct or produce a film.

5. I wanted to own a Hummer. (and maybe an Aston Martin)

6. I wanted to teach.

7. I am gonna be the 2028 Philippine President!

8. I wanted to go to outerspace.

9. I wanted a street, a law or a GI Joe to be named after me.

10. I wanted to walk on the Abbey Road.

10 thoughts on “WALKING THE ABBEY ROAD

  1. yeah yeah!! wala namang imposible eh.. go lang. haha.. malay mo, iboto kita pag nag run ka na for precidency, masaya kaya pag bastard ang presidente? haha.. anyways, gooldluck on your endeavors, at mag picture ka ha pag nakalakad ka na dun sa dream road mo.. 😀

  2. aww.
    tree house?
    ako din.
    kaya lang parang di na siya pwede dito sa pilipinas.
    either mapagkamalan kang mangyan o kapre.

  3. I want to be pro at soccer/football and watch a World Cup. Damn. Oh, and I want to have Maria Sharapova’s body. And walk the Abbey Road of course.

  4. I also want to walk on Abbey Road. Trip na trip ko ‘yang shot na ‘yan by The Beatles. Ginagaya nga namin ‘yan ng mga friends ko but then I guess, nothing can imitate classics that easily.

  5. A hummer? What are you trying to compensate for? I kid I kid.

    That looks like a good movie. I never heard of it. I want to see it.

  6. @juice
    oooh.. i like that too. i guess i should experience watching the world cup at least once. but dont they get violent? 😛

    LA is Los Angeles.

  7. i thought it was in L.A. coz all the studios are in LA. stupid me! I forgot that the Beatles were british. We americans want to take the credit for all the world’s successes! Lolz!

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