Fellow bloggers QtheQuixoticConqueror, Frances Doplon, and Fritz caught my eye through their posts and twits, directed my attention to shirts like the ones above, forcing my brain to ejaculate its creative juices. At first I thought “why not talk about Philippine showbiz” …but then I got bored after making my third design and so I thought of designing for Bloggers instead.

Who wants one?!

Links to the blogs mentioned: BryanBoy, PinoyBlogero, Carl Ocab, Jayvee Fernandez, ChickenMafia, and The Yugatech blog.

25 thoughts on “WHO WANTS SHIRTS!?

  1. Hey our review of your blog is long overdue. Sorry for that. I’ll make sure it comes up on our next issue is it ok?

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Carl Ocab one… so mean, haha.

    Of course, the Chicken Mafia one is the coolest. Yay.

  3. Lol. Where’d you get the Asar Mode, Ditch the Dress Code?! SHit. I want one!!!! Masarap ibenta sa mga atenista.

  4. can’t stop laughing at the Master Yuga shirt. LOLOLOLOLOL!

    And BTW, Kartunero? LOL. It sounds like bleeppp….

  5. Astig yung mga t-shirt designs, Paolo! Haha. Let’s kick some Team Manila butt! Joke. 😛

    My favorite is the Carl Ocab one. That one owns! Wahaha.

  6. ahahahah! and then you really did it… nice welcome post for my return.. why didn’t you make one for yourself ha?

  7. hey make me a shirt…
    something that says im sexy and crazy.

    i miss this man. i missed your page. at one point i thought you were banned from here. and i figured i wouldnt be reading from you anymore…

    oooowwwehl… i love the changes…

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