Yet another Samaritan who wants to share his Google pie, or so it seems, Yuwie.com is a social networking site just like Friendster, Myspace and Facebook but with an awesomely cool catch – it pays you!

The overall concept doesn’t look so bad, it’s free and it pays you simply by spending time in the site. I find the promise too good to be true though.. and you know what they say about “would be’s” and “could be’s” ..baloneys! Check out their video:

Now let me tell you why you wont get to the bottom of this pie ($10,000) ..because there has to be 88,000 people under your belt with at least 1000 pageviews every month in order for you to get top prize. That’s realistically possible only with alot of Hannah Montana accounts! Heck, I only get 64 pageviews in my Friendster, and I’m already lovable! Lolz!

Now, let’s see the median amount of their breakdown (go to the 2:30 time in the video). In case you’re thinking about the hierarchy and the part where you can get real money every month. Or at least the point where you feel rewarded. Go ahead.. check! Tell me what you think!

And tell me what you think about the site as well.

Anyway, irregardless of how uncool I think this is, I still joined because I love contradicting myself and I don’t like the idea that a friend may someday start earning money. Plus, like I said, it’s free. (And that’s the only reason why it’s even legal). Oh and guess who recruited me: Jehzeel!

6 thoughts on “YUWIE… WATCH OUT!

  1. I know this site. My brother told me about this but didn’t have time to check it out. Hmm, I thought it’s only for 18 years old and above. Anyway, signing up would not hurt, would it? Lol. :p

  2. sana it’s real. but then again, we only have time to loose, it’s free naman diba. you better start spamming para makaabot ka ng 1,000 pagviews! hehehehe

  3. one could get more money elsewhere without going through becoming a spammer. lolz! this site is so far from the promise it tries to push.

  4. ok. funnn…
    but i dont think i have enough time to maintain another account…

    paolo and lovable… yes synonymous…

    miss you buddy.

    hey if you’re rich enough, maybe you can get me a new pc. hehehe

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