Research On Your Behalf

As college students, we are all weary of that dreaded grade for our book reports and term papers; tormented of college essays throw to us one after the other. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a custom term paper writing service available? Trust me, there are now services available in the net that cater to this type of service. But as you may have heard of them, how about a custom research paper writing service? Now that sounds a bit out of the ordinary doesn’t it?

Well, let me tell you such service is now available at, a leading academic writing site intent to helping get a better future by fulfilling the writing requirements that burden your college life. As we all know, the goal of the years you spend in school is get a high grade with the hope of landing a good and secure job in the future. Unfortunately, it is not always an option for students to devote their time to subjects that may not be inline with their course, but neglecting these subjects can result to your displacement in the academe. I think for such occasions it is good to have something you can rely on, and that’s something provides.

Why dont you guys drop by their site and see for yourself how they can help?

Gift Suggestion

In the idea that I am cool and you guys listen to me, why dont I talk to you about a cool xmas gift that’s great, unique, not too costly and very efficient. I know you must be intrigued, this after all those Christmases where you got a puny little shirt or another cheese cake. I mean,  all that’s cool but dont you think it’s become a bit anti-climactic? So without further ado, let me give you a gift suggestion – Digital Photo Frames.

Digital photo frames are basically frames that are programmed to show a variety of pictures instead of the normal one picture per frame that we’ve been so used to. Since it’s digital, it doesn’t have to rot inside a frame as time passes, but rather, your photos are kept nice and neat. Plus, giving this as a gift totally makes you look techie.. definitely something people would take interest and remember you for.

As far as selection, there are various types of digital frames you can check from the link I provided you above. It’s from, a trusted brand selling this one of a kind product. The prices vary too, so you can pick one that fits your budget. I’m sure this is something that’ll make someone holidays different, and most especially, memorable.

Term Paper Memories

For some reason, scouring online profiles of my college friends brought back those days when I crammed daily for projects and term papers. I mean, back then there weren’t any custom term paper writing services. The trick was to go to the higher batches and hope that saved their previous projects, and hopefully be willing to sell it. But it doesn’t end there, you’d also have to make an overhaul of this paper to make it look like it was yours. It’s good to remember the stories now, but back then it was such a hassle.

I remember one time during my sophomore year, I was absent for more than a month because of measles. Coming back, the arrogant dude that I am, I decided not to go on leave (which was advised by everyone) and, instead, push through with those book reports and essay writing projects that I missed. It was a cram to the 10th power, and it somehow made college more memorable.

But I still hoped there was a service available then that could help me create those term papers, nicely formated, and, basically an educated submission that didn’t look like it came from a guy who didn’t know what he was doing. Haha! Why dont you check the links on here.. they surely give you that opportunity.

20 Things I Learned from Making Paid Posts

Alot of people called me out on making too many paid review articles this month, and I had been pretty good at ignoring them. My reason was mainly because I went out to prove, at least to myself, that doing paid reviews is a good way to make money, probably more than ads which is a concern because people seem to be more engrossed with it. Anyway, here are the things I learned from my month long case study:

1. You probably would earn more from Ads if you have a huge site, but if your site has below 100 readers, you might want to stick with paid reviews instead.

2. Paid review sites have their own advantages –,, and As far as their payment schemes, Smorty pays every week but they dont have alot of opportunities, pays twice a month, ReviewMe pays at the end of the month, and PayPerPost pays 30 days after you made the review.

3. Signing up for paid reviews is easy, the requirements only include a blog, an email address, blog URL, some personal information, and paypal account.

4. All paid review websites pay through Paypal. There is now Paypal in the Philippines, all you need to do is sign up and connect a credit card to it. If you don’t have a credit card, you should probably get one. You only need an ITR, valid ID’s, and pay slips for three months not lower than 10K. (All of this can be forged as well.. but you didn’t get that from me)

5. You will get more review opportunities if you have a dot com address rather than a free hosted blog (from blogger or myspace). The cheapest way for you to get your own address is to buy a domain from Blogger (or your choice of platform, so long as they allow you to redirect your blog to your URL).

6. The blog you submitted will first have to be approved for you to participate. I suggest you start blogging for at least a month if you want to make money off of this.

7.Approval of blogs will depend on several things – mainly so long as your blog isn’t about violence or any of those bad stuff, and if your blog is updated regularly, you should be approved. But if you want to make a career out of paid reviews, I suggest you take notice of your pagerank and alexa rank.

8. Pagerank and Alexa Rank are measures of your blogs success. The higher your PageRank is, the more opportunities will come your way. The lower your Alexa Rank is, the more opportunities will come your way. These ranks are relative to you visitors and links, so you might want to take notice of those first.

9. After you’ve been approved for participation the only thing you need is write. Yep! No fees are required.

10. Bloggers hate bloggers who write paid reviews.. they dont read them. If you’re here to make chummies, forget it! (it’s like choosing between readers or money. hehehe. And as readers are only hypothetical presences in your blog, I suggest you stick with money and then brag!)

11. There is nothing wrong with earning from paid reviews, but if you’re sad about not being able to maintain a readership, I suggest you be transparent about it and/or open another blog to absorb these feelings of remorse. (But you should be doing it for yourself and not for your readers).

12. Paid Reviews and Adsense dont hate each other. You can have ads on your site and do paid reviews.

13. You need to have a disclosure badge on your site, this is a requirement if you are to write paid reviews. You can get that badge here.

14. You can never just do paid reviews all the time. PayPerPost and other review sites require a ratio of at leat 2:1 with regular posts (also called Non-Sponsored Posts) against Sponsored Reviews. If you have joined several paid review sites, you can try arranging your posts so that the Review sites dont notice: Eg: You can write a sponsored review from PayPerPost, and the SponsoredReview, and then Smorty.. this works for you but I still suggest you try and write regular posts for your readers.

15. The reason why you should regularly write posts for your readers (as opposed to just sponsored reviews) is because your pagerank and alexa rank also changes. If you have a pagerank of 4 now, and left your blog to paid reviews which nobody read, you might just wake up with a pagerank of 2 next month and that means less opportunities. Bottomline, a good balance of paid posts and regular posts will do. (I certainly didn’t do that this month)

16. My paid review routine is to try and make 40 bucks per day for 20 days in the month (as I had a goal of $1200 by its end). The minimum amount per paid review is about 5.00 dollars, which had me make up about 8 articles per day at most.

17. No I didn’t achieve my goal of $1200 this month, but I did make more than 800 bucks. PayPerPost and SponsoredReviews each gave me about 300 bucks each, ReviewMe and Smorty gave about 100 a piece.

18. Remember to read the Terms of Service. You are not allowed to delete reviews after they’ve been approved. Posts need to be in the front page for at least 24 hours before moving to the archives. For those who use post pages, a minimum of 50 words needs to be in front along with the links.

19. Write your reviews well, advertisers are told to rate you after they’ve received your review. Overall, this allows other advertisers to see how you do.

20. That PayPerPost badge that says “Hire Me” is a misnomer. Google is now penalizing people who have that, neither is it a requirement of payperpost. And honestly, has anybody hired you to write a review for them. I took mine down for these reasons (keep the disclosure badge though)

Getting the Facts on Hearing

You may not know it, but you may slowly be losing your hearing, and it may be resulting from your workplace. I recently got on a website today called and I realized just how grave the scenes might be if I did not give my sense of hearing some attention. First let me give you the trivia:

  • Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) affects 30 million North American workers. It is recognized as the #1 occupational illness worldwide.
  • The cost to employers is estimated to be more than US $19 billion per year.
  • There has been no major improvements in the science of hearing protection in over 30 years.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that more than 250 million people have a disabling degree of hearing impairment.

Accordingly, there has been several regulations pushed to make sure workers are protected from the dangers posed by their jobs to their hearing. Sonomax Hearing Healthcare Inc. is a Canadian leader in the research, development and manufacturing of intra-ear technologies, creating hearing protection and communication enabling products, such as digital hearing devices and noise reduction devices, that cater to, like mentioned, an industry shun by science.

If you are ever in need of any hearing device, I would suggest for you to drop by their website and check what they have to offer. And if you’re ever in the following fields, I suggest you ask your employers to protect you with their products as these are once most severely affected by loss of hearing.

* Industry Workers/Construction Workers
* Airline Employees and Passengers
* Military Personnel
* Motorcycle Riders
* Musicians
* Concert Goers
* Club Goers
* Sound Crews
* Hunters
* Race Car Drivers and Spectators

And if you’re ever an employer thinking that you need the Sonomax products for your people, or if you’re a distributor wanting to offer hearing protection to those around you. Sonomax also has ways by which they can accommodate you into their fold and make this multi-billion dollar industry open for you. Overall, I think their site offers something beneficial and that, for you to realize how much you need it, you probably have to see it for yourselves.