A Different Kind of Botique

Dont you feel as if everything’s the same when you go the malls. I mean, the clothes and accessories are not as varied as one would prefer. That’s coz stores, especially those who pay for their lease, are driven by profit and is more often than focused on offering what the general public wears. Hence the monotony.

Let’s take for example Nudies. Do you even know what it is? No it’s not related to being nude although it does try to expose your butt a little more. Hehe. Nudie Jeans or skinny jeans are becoming very famous, but you still dont see them in department stores everywhere. If anything, you only see these things in online stores like Tobi.com – an online boutique driven to change the way you shop by offering you a variety of brands are the unique and stylish at the same time. Some you may not have even heard of before, but definitely worth the check.

An example of such brand is Seven For All Mankind – this is a woman’s brand that also sell jeans. Like I said they are stylish and elegant. Why dont drop by and browse through the galleries. I guarantee you’ll like it.

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