A Great Site For Bloggers

As bloggers we all have our turfs, a variety of interests that separates us. But we are bound together by this passion of creating content whether through writing, making videos, podcasts etc. We have concerns about design, SEO, creating readers, generating comments and extra cash. And while we may dwell much on every specific aspect of making our blogs better, we are from time to time faced with obstacles regarding these topics.

This is why I’d like to recommend you guys to AllinAnchor.com – a site that talks about internet marketing and internet marketing news. I suggest you bookmark them and drop by their site as often as you can as there are several things you can learn from them about the topics I mentioned above. Mainly they cover the marketing aspect of things but as I browsed around their blog, I did see some things that may grab your interest. And if you’re ever interested in writing for them, they do have that opportunity for you.

Overall, I found their site to be of good design. It is easy to navigate as all the links (from my standpoint) can be accessed from the homepage. But most of all, I think they have a site that’s topical and very comprehensive. So yeah, again I’m inviting you guys to check it out.

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