A Groovy Google Kind

Hello boys and girls. I found the coolest website today called Groovle.com and I tell you this is one helluva site. What it does is it allows you to personalize your Google search page and, trivia, it is powered by Google (aka. the most powerful search engine in the world) so you can bet that this is a reliable website that’s not gonna drift soon enough. And hey, at least from a personal standpoint, this is something you can use not only to express yourself but to drive your businesses or advocacies as well.

If you still don’t understand what I’m saying, check out the pic below. That’s a screen shot of how I made mine. The lolcat dude that I am, isn’t getting that kitty on my search page so cool. Now I wont use other search engines! Hehe. What a way to personalize Google huh?!

I guess, from a marketing perspective it’s a good tool for you to bring in more people to your site as well. Men are afterall, visual beings. And if you don’t like having animals on your search pages, dont worry, it’s not just limited to cats. You’ve got celebrities, sports teams, cars, animals etc. Plus, you can create one with yourself too. All you have to do is upload the pictures you want and, whallah, you very own customized Google search page. Why dont you try and create one of yourself and show me…

For me though perhaps the best way I can use it is for business. Write a logo and let other people see it, use it and get your products and services advertised. It’s one way to get your brands out, not to mention doing it in a groovy kinda way.


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