A New Tribe Shall Rise..

Ever since I put myself the burden of creating that darned social network, I’ve felt kinda ..well ..burdened. For one, I’m obviously not a developer, heck! I even have problems with basic html. And then there’s the part where I ask myself “do I really wanna pay ginormous amounts of hosting so that my friends would just get out of Friendster!”

Well.. turns out, I would. I wrote in my currently-invisible blog, Khoops.com, about how I hate Friendster for being so obsolete. I mean, c’mon, video and music uploads are already present in Multiply and Myspace. Why can’t you at least try to give you 50million members that benefit. Oh well, tough luck, nobody listens to you when you’re less than 1% of the 1%.

But yeah, like I said, it’s all gotten kinda complicated. For one, this blog suddenly went to WordPress. A sucky move coz I kinda felt bad being here. The amount of spam I get now is five times more than what I got in blogger. Ah those were the days, I still remember seeing in my email “New Comment” and I’d be excited, happy and cheery to read it. Now I get 5 comments every time I open my email and I’m left to mutter “Putangina! Spam nanaman ‘to!” And true enough, it most often is. Well the transfer to this was never planned, I just wanted to combine two of my blogs into one and so here’s the result. WordPress.

Anyway… back to that social network – Khoops.

I’ve had very little success with this domain. A contradiction to the plan I had for it, a group blog. Sadly, sem break hit and now it’s the holidays so those who supported that move kinda didn’t have time to support it once it came. Lolz! A social network seems to be more apt now. But an even bigger reason why I’m pressing for this social network is because I’ve tried for awhile to merge me blogging community (what’s left of it) and those who surround me in real life. It’d at best be a community with all my friends, friends’ friends, relatives, batchmates, fellow bloggers and bits and pieces of wandering psychopaths intrigued by a penguin. A new tribe of out of the box thinkers – 20 people altogether!

Let’s see where this goes…

4 thoughts on “A New Tribe Shall Rise..

  1. A tribe of penguins? March of the Penguins or Happy Feet! I wanna be Mumble! I don’t have a Heart Song.

    OK, I’ll join (and promote your social network) as soon as I can find a decent photo of myself for my profile, har.

    Wow, you have so many domains to keep track of, I’m getting dizzy.

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