Be Every Man’s Man

If only there was a Dummies book for dating all types of women, then you’d probably be every man’s man already. A hero that everyone would look upto. Sadly, there’s no one way to learn to date as women have been created variously. I actually prefer not making a science out of dating as it’s good to remain spontaneous and unexpecting. But then from time to time it’d be great to find tips on how to relate to the opposite sex. No, I’m not talking about a how-to guide to dating, I’m talking about some tips and tricks we can learn from others.

This is what I found in, a site for every guy. I think the idea was very well conceptualized as it doesn’t try to make men and women but rather it focuses on the male gender and how they should swim the dating pool. In their site you can find a variety of articles that range from topics “How to Get a Girlfriend,” “Body Language Flirting Gesture,” “Cocky and Funny Lines” and many others. I have gotten read a lot of their articles and I can say they’re an eye opener, almost to the point of being an enlightenment.

How you ask? Well, there are two ways that I’ve gotten to see their articles. First is that it explains what we’ve known all along. Things that we take for granted and sometimes overlook, like for example the use of funny lines. Let’s accept it as fact, men will try not to act dorky around women, but the more that they dont, the more that they do. And this is the part where women go “Awwwww..” On your date, why dont try doing little bits and pieces of corny lines (but dont overdo it), and try to act a little dorky. Loosen yourself up a bit and see how has helped you.

Another article I noticed was about the Alpha Male. I’d really rather that you jump on their site and search for it than give away its contents. It’s a fairly long article anyway, but I guarantee you’ll love it. And that’s exactly what I like about this site, you are in some way able to see yourself in it, and then there’s the part that you dont so you think it’s new. All-in-all it’s a dose of wisdom necessary, especially to those who easily have issues with the opposite sex. Here’s your chance to change!

Overall, I think this site is good for every man and for every woman to understand us better. It’s got a good design, easily navigable, very comprehensive and the content is a worthy read. You should only check it out to fully understand.

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